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Sometimes I wish to connect with friends and family of my Soul. These can be people I know and this can also be friends from nature, from the stars.

Soul family is particular to each one of us, but what they have in common, is that they bring joy to our hearts; a visit seems to restore the Soul.

Is it the act of visiting and the joy of being together that restores the Soul? Or is it the mere act of choosing to follow the little steps shown to us along the path, proceeding in trust and in faith?  

To follow my Soul’s path, often requires small acts of faith. These small acts often blend together to produce a miraculous experience – one that I can heartily celebrate with friends and family of my Soul.

Small Acts of Faith

Restore My Soul

Sometimes friends,

sometimes family,

sometimes soulmates,

sometimes angels,

sometimes starseeds,

will come, seemingly out of nowhere,

and just be.


Just be here ~

with me.


But, I know,

taking that small,

step forward to meet them ~

creates the miracle.


That’s where knowing comes in,

where digging deep counts;

where reaching farther than you have before pays off.

That’s where allowing what can be possible

produces results

that are beyond what you could have imagined.


Would you take that step?

I will take that step.

And for this moment,

I will allow joy to reign


Love, Solaris


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