starseed journey, wonder, stepping out of the matrixStarseed Journey: Walking Out of the Matrix Feels D*mn Confusing

I’m stepping out of the matrix today.


Every time I do so, I feel those feelings: fear, wonder, confusion, excitement, possibility.

All mixed into one.

When I am anticipating, and I’m preparing, and I am dreaming of walking out of the matrix, I feel like I am about to pursue my dreams. I feel like this is how life is supposed to be.

Freedom. Doing what I love. Saying what I believe. Acting on inner guidance.

How can it be that this seem such an unusual pursuit?

What if my life goal is this:

to embody my inner divinity and live my human life this way;

to know that there is more to life than what any existing structure tells me;

to wish for peace and love to prevail among men and women of all nations;

to dream of living life without stressors and free from oppression, whatever its source may be;

to live my dreams of love and creativity becoming a reality.

To quietly live a simple, hand made life.

Stepping from ‘the dream time’ into ‘reality’ can be awkward and confusing.

None of these things, none of these steps, was I taught in school.

They are learned, and earned, through life lessons.

The construct of what we are told is how things are, how things should be – let’s say this is the matrix.

Can we imagine something different?

Can we begin to live this new way, one at a time, all together?

Deep inside me, my feelings and my memories tell me a different life is possible for all of us. A different life is possible for me.

I am living this now, I am experimenting, I am taking the journey.

It is the new frontier.

It is the land of possibility.

This ground, this territory, within me.

Can I embody love for myself?

Can I embody love for my neighbors?

Can I set my boundaries strong, and with love?

Can I more than survive – can I thrive?

The confusion lies in trying to interpret that which has not occurred.

And in wishing to control that which is not controllable.

Scripture says: Declare an outcome, and I shall make it unto you.

Trust and faith show the steps along the way.

My inner child, my Soul’s essence, knows no structure or rules but her own.

She beckons me to come, play with me now.

Take your photos of the sky – write your stories.

It’s playtime, unbound.

~ Love, Solaris

Original: Solaris Modalis

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