Sunshine – Chemtrail

Sunshine Chemtrail

Sunshine…. chemtrail.  This is my thought process when I see these white lines start forming in the sky.  I first became aware of chemtrails in August 2012.  It was the summer I also learned about fracking.

Chemtrails, or persistent jet contrails, and fracking seemed to go hand in hand, although they are very different things, but here is what they have in common:  the poisoning with toxic materials of an earth ecosystem.   Toxic chemicals and substances pollute the  water and ground for fracking.  Toxic metals and other substances pollute the sky and sunlight and air for chemtrails.

I Didn’t See Them, Because I Did Not Look Up

In September of 2012 chemtrail spraying was heavy on the west coast of the United States.  Now, maybe it had been this way for years, but in my unconsciousness I did not look up.

What I did notice in the next couple to few months is that all of the spiders and many of the insects died.  We lived in the forest, and our outdoor area had been shared with dozens of spiders.  Every morning they greeted us with beautiful designs and webs like gloss floating in the air, between trees and trellises.  As the months went on, they were gone.  After sharing our space in large numbers, the morning air was empty.  No running into webs anymore, no dancing around because I had just run into some more webbing.  The path was clear.

Maybe It Was Their Time

A particularly huge spider that had been down at the mailbox disappeared also, and I wondered where this fellow was off to.  He was off to my laundry room, apparently, which was outside the house (funky California) and covered and safe from the spray in the air.  He survived, and I felt a little like Wilbur hanging with Charlotte when I went in every morning and greeted him.  Our deal was that he stayed on the ceiling.

Unfortunately, one night I was up and it was dark, and I saw a large spider attempting to engage with the paper flowers on the counter, gingerly touching them, and I freaked out and smooshed it.  I did not see my friend in the laundry room again.  I still regret unconsciously killing the spider, out of fear.  I gotta let that go.

Learning By Looking Down – From 36,000 Feet

I actually learned about fracking and chemtrails not by looking up, but by looking down.  I had just taken an airline flight, and looking down at the ground, was shocked by the visible pollution and fracking wells as far as I could see.  Yes, I was over west Texas.  I was shocked by what I saw in the air, also, and what I felt.  What I felt in the air, was extreme sadness, was a feeling of outrage at injustice to the air, and the land.

I’ve noticed that on the flights I’ve taken more recently, the airplane windows are all scratched up, and it is way harder to get pictures.  Maybe it is a coincidence.  Maybe I’m in the cheap seats.

What I Felt Was Solemn Witness

This was also the summer I learned about lightships, or cloudships, because they hovered over the area in a very obvious way, to someone who is sensitive to these things.   They hovered over the area and the feelings of shock and awe emanating from them weren’t the good kind.  It was more like,  how could you?  In a non-judging way.  Mostly.  But there was also commitment, there was presence, there was love, and there was we are staying.

Not everyone had the ‘guardian of the Earth’ mission up there, as I also saw, or really strongly felt, a very small craft just joyfully looping in great arcs, up and down.  Those were the guys on vacation.

I Kinda Felt Like We Were Screwed

The helplessness and lack of understanding I felt was immense.  In his post on chemtrails, The Inner Activist and Chemtrails, on the Solaris Modalis blog, Clive Lawler goes through his spiritual evolution as he dealt with his awareness of chemtrails and what they were doing in our skies.

That is the blessing.  The blessing of the chemtrails, in my view:  once you look up, they help bring us into awareness in a “wtf is going on?!” kind of way.  From there we can make conscious choices and take conscious action.  For me, the conscious actions I ended up pursuing led me to developing the Solaris Modalis blog.  There you go – a silver lining.

Over succeeding months after September 2012, the trails were sprayed quite low at times, and it was infuriating to see these sprayed over our schools, our water reservoirs, and our towns, and to be able to do nothing and to feel alone in noticing.

But, fear and anger only feed the forces who are ultimately responsible for doing so.  Fear and anger sure were not helping me.

I clearly realized that I had to report this to someone, but not to any human beings.  The forces that could send hundreds or more planes up with unlimited supply of chemicals, nanoparticles, heavy metals and other nefarious substances clearly needed an appeal to a higher power.  When I returned home, I rang up my inner guidance, and started spiritually working.

I began thinking up great strategies to do with some galactic beings, but each time on the energy planes, these strategies I came up with worked once or a couple of times and then they were countered.  I soon realized I was in a game and I wasn’t ‘winning’.  My mental abilities and emotions were being used as pawns, and, taking self-reponsibility for my actions, I was the one making myself a pawn in this game, by participating.

We are Gonna Survive and Thrive, Anyway

So I switched over to sending love and light and the Silver Ray to the chemtrails.  Almost four years later, my guidance is now to do nothing.  Actually, I do not do nothing.  I do trust.  I trust that someone has got this.  I feel others working on this problem, too, in their own way.  And I consciously hold a vision and a deep love for clear skies with natural clouds in my heart.  Lightships welcome.

Remember quantum physics, where the observer effects the experiment?  Holding this vision matters, and it is what I can do in the moment.

I do laugh.  I laugh at the folly of those who spray chemtrails, because it’s not gonna work.  Earth and humanity are going to survive, and we are going to thrive.  I don’t have empirical data on that…

I do have faith and knowing.

I have yelled up at the galactics, in lightships, when the air was thick with the smell of chemtrails and I felt like I was choking, asking them to clear the air.  And the air cleared, immediately.  This is my personal experience.  My anecdotal evidence.

It hasn’t been thick like that in quite awhile.  As I said before, now I look up, I laugh and think, “it’s not gonna work, guys”.  I say my mantra, “the air I breathe is pure”.

And, I get on with following my heart and doing my thing.

Gaia Roars Back With a Fury

With it raining days on end in California this winter (2017), it would appear that the chemtrail impasse off of the coast here has been broken.  What did this?  The chemtrail planes still fly overhead.  And yet, it rains.  Although, they seem farther and fewer between.

There are legal efforts underway, and there are spiritual efforts underway, and there are galactic efforts underway.

There have been many, many individuals saying prayers for rain in California.  Could it be that quantum physics principles are working, and that the observer is effecting the experiment?  Lol.  If so, a multitude of human beings visualizing rain over California has had an awesome effect.  That is all the comment I’d like to make on all of that right now.

Except this – if you are one of the people working at the physical level on the chemtrail issue to aid humanity and all beings, deep, deep gratitude and appreciation to you for your service.

Lightships and Chemtrails

There is an interesting coincidence about chemtrails and lightships or cloudships.  That is, I often see chemtrail planes fly past a lightship or cloudship I will be photographing.

It has happened so many times, where there is one chemtrail plane in the sky and it is flying directly past a lightship, that I have come to believe that a) those directing chemtrail planes can sense lightship presence, and/or b) lightships position themselves in front of oncoming chemtrail planes.  I have come to believe that both a) and b) are true.

I could not bring myself to post a bunch of chemtrail photos in this posting.  The energy for it just isn’t there for me.

It has almost seemed as a dance in the sky, lightships, and chemtrail aircraft, moving around each other, shifting positions, one doing and the other undoing… I’m hoping.  Yes, that is what I think…that the lightships are transmuting the elements being distributed into the air… the people are praying for rain…. we got this, guys.

Score one for humanity.



Clear Skies

See Clive Lawler’s posting for another personal story about chemtrails; how he dealt with knowing about them and what his spiritual take is on the matter:  The Inner Activist and Chemtrails

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