My friend Alex Clark and I discuss the blue girl from Andromeda and her story.  We talk about who the blue girl was, her culture, how she flew the starship with her co-captains, and how the ship operated.

We also get into a discussion of shamanic practices, spirituality of the Soul, quantum physics discussion of healing from zero point, what happens to the spirit and the body when we die, and so much more.

Play by Play: The Blue Girl Video Content

Here is the story of the blue girl and an overview of the content we discussed in this video.  Numbers indicate the minutes:seconds that is the location of this commentary in the video.

0:01 Talking about an extraterrestrial past life.

3:37 Feeling you are a starseed.

    • Feeling connection with the stars.

4:25 Solaris: On healing a past lifetime.

    • In this past life I had flown a starship.
    • It had crashed and the Captain was captured.
    • Using shamanic techniques at zero point to access interdimensionally.
    • Having a vision of the blue girl.
    • How I see past lifetimes.
    • Creating the image of the blue girl.
    • The shocking-ness of remembering being one of the “blue people”.

7:48 Discussing who the blue girl was.

    • From the Andromeda galaxy.
    • A higher dimensional culture, more “spiritual”.
    • They were telepathic only – they did not speak.
    • Flying the starship – with three co-captains.
    • What the flying station was like.
    • The telepathic links with the other captains and the ship.
    • Being one with the ship and it’s functions.
    • Directing the ship telepathically.
    • They were not linked physically and had no tech in their bodies.
    • They were able to link through their physical capabilities.
    • Solaris – I believe that humans are capable of this.
    • Flying the ship with their mind.
    • The ship is conscious – sentient and in service with the people.

11:17 What the culture of her blue people was like.

    • They were telepathic.
    • But they had “privacy” as individuals.
    • The people had telepathic links with layers of groups of their culture.
    • This was a culture that lived on starships.
    • Everything, everyone was considered equal.
    • The technology was considered equal with them and was conscious.

13:00  Influences of the blue girl on my human lifetime.

    • My love for looking at the stars.
    • My dreams of flying around the stars.
    • Connecting with the blue stars – my favorites!

15:40  Solaris: How the memories of this lifetime came up for me.

    • Feelings of responsibility.
    • Feelings of keeping information secret (the Captain was captured by the attackers).
    • The healing techniques I use are shamanic in nature.
    • Plus, I am working in a zero point energy field.

17:40  What happened in the past lifetime.

    • The starship crashed without hitting anything.
    • It was hit by a huge beam of light.
    • The attackers sent in a beam of light that captured the Captain.
    • The beam of light caused all the people and the ship to loose consciousness.
    • The attackers had very advanced technology and were able to download the information they wanted from her brain.
    • They also wanted to get in to her telepathic link.
    • All of this was very traumatic for her to experience.

19:30  What happens when the body dies.

    • How the spirit leaves the body.
    • The body dies, but the spirit still has awareness before a full death.
    • In those moments, the body and spirit is still having emotions and thoughts.
    • The spirit still enlivens the non-physical aspects of the body (the thoughts, the emotions) until it fully departs.
    • What we can take with us, when our spirit leaves the body, is pure love.
    • Any fear, anger that have not been transmuted, remain in the astral field.  They can be transmuted best from within physical form, while in a living body, in another lifetime, or taken on by another Soul to transmute in that Soul’s incarnation, where it chooses to do so.
    • This especially happens when the spirit leaves the body, when the body dies in trauma.
    • This is why traumatic deaths during war, violence, and abuse are so challenging – they add to the astral layers of Earth’s energy fields, and to the astral residue of the race of beings of that time and place, also.

21:50  Being born into the body – how the body’s energy is configured at incarnation.

    • When we incarnate, our Soul chooses the components of this lifetime.
    • This may include memories, and energetic residue, of key past lifetimes that will influence the current lifetime.
    • Sometimes these are included for healing, so that the Soul heals itself through our incarnations.
    • Actually, we heal ourselves (with help from our friends, from inner guidance, from our spiritual guides).
    • We are the Soul, incarnate.
    • How my life has components of the blue girl’s life.
    • Love of the stars, dreams of flying among the stars.
    • Feelings of guilt, secrets, hiding.
    • We address these emotions when we are alive, sometimes in the current lifetime, sometimes in another one.

23:10  Alex discusses innate body energy wounding from a biological perspective.

    • Amazing how much information the body can store on your behalf.
    • Alex’s past life experiences related to neck pain.
    • How she healed from neck pain.
    • Physical reverberations of traumatic events in past lives.
    • We believe there soul goes on in perfection.
    • But in other lifetimes, there is an opportunity to address the energetic residue, and the thoughts and emotions, of what had occurred.

24:45  Solaris discusses energetic detritus in the human energy field

    • Seeing the energy grids of the body as golden.
    • I work with the energy grids and clearing the energetic detritus from the energy grids of a person.

26:00  Discussing what the blue girl was like.

    • She was fairy like, lithe, feminine.
    • Alex describes her as a pixie.
    • Solaris: Ha ha! As I was writing this article a link to Dark Pixie Astrology opened up on my browser.
    • Discussing why I was not interested in topics that would have touched the life of the blue girl until now.

28:00  Alex discusses why these feelings feel so present now.

    • Dimensional differences,
    • Time is not linear.
    • All time actually happens at the same time – in the Now moment.

29:40 The blue girl is a part of my Soul.

    • Alex notes how she shows up in my life – wearing blue, and so on.
    • The blue girl’s feelings of guilt over being captured.

30:00 Alex talks about her perception of the blue girl’s race and their capabilities.

    • This was a higher dimensional race in a unity consciousness.
    • This race had no consciousness about being able to be attacked.
    • There was a ‘one strike’ capability by the attackers.
    • Something/someone, was able to find that ‘back door’, like a lightening strike.
    • Then, all the systems on the ship were fried.
    • For the blue girl to feel guilty over how the entire race was set up; this was not her fault.
    • We have that on planet Earth now – race guilt, guilt about what a culture did to others.
    • The individual isn’t responsible for the fact that her race and their technology did not have high enough security or capabilities to prevent being attacked.
    • You feel awful, you go through the healing process, and then you feel much better, lighter, and released from the trauma.

34:33. How the blue girl has benefitted me in this lifetime.

    • Studying quantum physics, developing quantum tool sets.
    • Having an understanding of how energy works through the memories.
    • Learning to set energy parameters in this lifetime; this is an evolution from the blue girl’s lifetime.

35:45  Energy protection.

    • The idea of an energy shield for your field.
    • Evolving this to setting the parameters for our energy field.
    • Why this works: I am the representative for my Soul in this body.
    • Interacting at a mastery level with the Soul.
    • Choosing our experience, while knowing divinity creates outcomes in our highest good.

37:00 Discussion of Soul contract.

    • Soul contracts are created moment to moment from my perspective.
    • Alex and I will be talking more about these ideas in new videos!

37:54  Higher dimensional beings cannot necessarily see into the lower dimensions

    • The omnipresence of God.
    • Higher dimensional beings are incarnated too.
    • Lower dimensions are not necessarily in their awareness.

38:47 Alex talks about biology of dimensions from a body perspective.

    • How our view is dependent on our perspective.

39:44  What boots on the ground – starseeds – are doing here.

    • You need boots on the ground to perceive the lower dimensions.
    • Solaris talks about doing energy work with the land, and clearing dark – dense energies.
    • Describing what starseeds are doing – reporting back about this dimension.

42:00  Doing energy work.

    • Checking in to see if there is permission.
    • Doing energy work from lightbody.
    • The parameters of this plane are sovereignty and free will choice.
    • Commanding will from a human perspective will have consequences.
    • Checking in with your inner divinity – your pure connection at the level of the frequency that you are choosing such as I Am Presence, Source consciousness, and so on.

45:31  The blue people – who they were.

    • From the Andromeda galaxy.
    • An Arcturian race that had incarnated as blue people at some point in history.
    • Not all blue people are necessarily Arcturians.
    • My sense is that the Arcturians have incarnated as many different races, with other types of bodies, over eons.
    • Solaris: When I interact with Arcturians, on lightships, they appear as an energy cloud.
    • Having an open mind to receive information and to hear others’ truths.

48:00  It still bothers me that I don’t know how the ship was crashed!

    • Alex:  The pertinent details were given during the healing work.
    • Alex talks about how the brain wants more data, and why the information may not be available at this time.
    • Solaris: These are the blue girl’s feelings: How did this happen? Feeling at fault because she was the Captain.
    • The concept of responsibility is a human perspective. It was not part of their culture.
    • Bringing the human perspective to her experience.
    • She received the signals that the ship received, and she did not perceive the attack ahead of time.
    • Healing past lives and extraterrestrial past lives:  We bring our human feelings and perspective, and we heal this.  As we are doing this, the emotions and thoughts pass through our field and body, and the emotions that she left after she died, those transmute and pass through the energy field and body applying that love to the self.
    • This elevates human awareness, each one of us doing healing, applying love and awareness, it benefits the collective.
    • Like the 100th monkey effect.
    • Having a period of integration after doing healing work.
    • Alex:  Treating the body, heart and soul gently.  Rocking the baby and inner child.  Taking the time for healing. How unconditionally loved we are in this universe, and to offer this to ourselves. (Alex, you rock this!!)

53:30 Meeting the blue girl’s male partner.

    • First met him in at an energy portal in New Mexico, at the church at Chemoya.
    • He is also a blue person, with a gold and blue/purple Egyptian-type headdress, and now is one of my spirit guides.
    • Doing my first energy work with him; learning from him how to do work with healing light.
    • When I saw that this woman was blue, I had the realization that they had been partners in her lifetime as the Captain.
    • Now I have met both of them; it is an amazing and beautiful experience to do so.  My heart is filled with love, feeling their love for each other, and for me, also.

Thanks for watching, and thank you for being here with me today.

Love, Solaris

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