Got a Couple Awesome Photos this Weekend

This weekend I took some interesting photos.  My friend Alex and I had what I call a “jam session” talking through the intricacies of one photo in particular, and we recorded this session so that you could join us and listen in.

I’m really excited about this new shorter video, focused in on one topic and one photo – video.  I hope you enjoy this presentation!  A text review of the video follows so you can have an idea of the content of the video.

Daytime UFOs Flashing Red Pink Lights, Solaris ModalisVideo Jam Session Overview

A list of content we discussed in this video.  Numbers indicate the minutes:seconds that is the location of this commentary in the video.

0:01 Still images of UFOs hiding in front of the sun in the daytime.  In the live action photo we will be discussing, you can see these UFOs flashing red pink lights!

00:33 Welcome to a Solaris Jam Session!  We are going to chat through one of 420 photos I took this past weekend, and see what’s there.

01:11 Alex’s description of how I take photos – intuitive hit + something to focus on.

01:44 A new “Scan the Sky” course is coming from Solaris Modalis!  We’ll cover how to scan the sky to find signs that something may be up there.

02:00 Alex talks about how the mind needs to understand what is possible, before allowing us to see it with our eyes.  Talking about disclosure – you can make your own disclosure happen for yourself once you know how to look at the sky, and how to set intentions.

03:03 A story from Solaris about taking photos and the excited reaction of a passerby.  Talking about looking up, and how this spreads to those around us when we role model paying attention to the sky.

04:05 Solaris shows an interesting photo of the sky, with a small fleet of UFOs present and flashing red pink lights.

04:33 Solaris describes a quality of the sunlight that indicates the potential for phenomena.  A discussion of the Blue Kachina by Alex and Solaris, and when and how Solaris is able to catch images of this phenomenon.

06:50 Close up on the still photo of the small UFO fleet presence – indicated by red pink spots in the sky.

Note from Solaris:  I apologize because I didn’t get the cursor working quite right so the pointing didn’t come out.  You can just follow our description of what we are observing.  I’m still learning how to video and do video editing!

08:25 How the UFOs are hiding in front of the sun – a specific description of how the UFOs hide as revealed by this photo.

08:52 Watching the UFOs flashing red pink lights in the live action photo.

Note from Solaris: see the still shots of these UFOs at the beginning of this video.  I have also published these still shots in my blog post:  Daytime UFOs Flash Red Pink Lights.

Here are a couple of examples of stills that you will see in the video and from the blog post linked above:

Daytime UFOs Flashing Red Pink Lights, Solaris Modalis      Daytime UFOs Flashing Red Pink Lights, Solaris Modalis

09:48 The UFOs seem to be flashing messages of Light – Alex talks about hearing high pitched staccato sounds, Solaris talks about deeper information we may be receiving in these transmissions.

11:03  Lines of vibration around sun and in cloud bank indicate potential presence of phenomena.

11:28  UFOs using water vapor in the atmosphere to reveal wave patterns that they are creating in the atmosphere and clouds.

12:33  Solaris discusses what these are, and details of how these objects are hiding in plain sight.  Clues in the sky.  Reviewing the photos after taking them.

15:44  Activity in front of the sun.  The sun flashing.  Interesting vibrational patterns.  A discussion of the energies this weekend.

Thank you for joining us!!

Look up… and take some photos!  If you’d like, send them to me here and I’ll take a look at them.  ?

Love, Solaris

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