This is my first video on the topic of telepathy and on the Human Energy Field and on setting parameters for managing the energy of your physical body and your energy field.  This is an area that I am passionate about so expect to see more videos of these topics. ?

In my view, setting basic energy permissions, and having a basic understanding of how telepathy works, is particularly important for people who are considering practicing telepathy.  These concepts are explained in detail in this video.

Summary of Video Content:

  • The basics of the Human Energy Field;
  • Setting parameters and permissions in our energy field – what these are and how to set them;
  • The concept of our personal sovereignty as a representative of our embodied Soul, and its basis in universal and divine law;
  • Why understanding our personal energy and permissions is important to those who may engage in  telepathy;
  • ‘How to’ applications: Specific suggestions on how to set parameters in your energy field and guides for use for those considering doing telepathy with other beings.

Play by Play of Our Jam Session on Telepathy

Here is an overview of the Telepathy video and of the content we discussed.  Numbers indicate the minutes:seconds that is the location of this commentary in the video.

0.01  I was talking about telepathy with my friend, Alex Clark, and we decided to record our conversation.  We both have a lot of viewpoints to share about this topic.

0.35  Alex mentions that there is a lot of information on telepathy from channels, and from people who have galactic contacts talking about how it is in different dimensions, so it is a lot of what she would term ‘hear-say’.

Basic Telepathy: How We Already Practice this as Human Beings

1:00  As human beings, we are already practicing certain levels of telepathy. We term it innate intuition.  You get a ‘hit’ on something.  Let’s focus on following those ‘hits’ from the universe on things that we do.  You might get a feeling that comes through very strongly, and you just get a knowing.  These are forms of telepathy, and empathy.

1:38. So, humans are already set up to do that in our physical body, and now we are moving into a time where this is going to become more and more prevalent.  So, there are a lot of questions to be asked, and a lot of answers are out there.

2:00  Solaris remembers using telepathy in some of her past lives.  We just did a video and a couple of articles on the blue girl, and her race was entirely telepathic.

2:37  Interacting with friends who are energy sensitive or opening up their consciousness, I’ve definitely had experiences of hearing them talk to me, for example.

3:11  Looking back at childhood – I knew what my parents thought about things, what they were going to say about something.  They didn’t sit there and teach me their whole philosophy, but somehow I knew – I believe that this is the early telepathy that we experience as children.

3:44  Alex’s grew up in a ‘sparkly’ family and her grandfather spoke to them telepathically – he could speak to them in their minds.

Telepathy and the Concept of Having Permission

4:04  I tell a story of taking a cab with some ladies to a spiritual conference.  The taxi driver tried to move my hand with his mind.  He announced he was going to do this to us, and tried this with me, without asking permission.  And I thought, ‘it’s not going to happen’.

In my mind, I reviewed my permissions which include no outside interference and other parameters.  He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t move my hand.  And so, I explained, that he did not have my permission, and he did not ask my permission.  And so, my hand isn’t moving!

He was quite surprised at this result, as he had been able to move others’ hands himself.  In my view, these people that he had effected did not have energy parameters set for their physical bodies and for their energy fields.

5:26  Alex says that our bodies are our own.  By extension, because we are incarnate beings on this plane, our energy field is our own.

The Rules About Having Sovereignty in Your Energy Field and Where the Rules Derive From

5:46  Alex compares your energy field with living in your house.  You wouldn’t let just anyone into your home. You make a decision about what you will allow.

Because of divine principles, we are granted ‘sovereignty’.  That means that you are the Kind and the Queen of your energy field.

We are also granted free will.  That means, you get to choose.  There are a lot of overlays on this that that attempt to put controls on your energy.

We decide what enters our energy field, and what doesn’t.  Declare your sovereignty, and then you get to choose.  You don’t do it, until you know you can.

7:17  Solaris – I went through not having personal boundaries, learned about this, and then learned about how to create boundaries.  Then, I learned how to create  energy boundaries.

Under natural law, or divine law, or universal law, we are ‘free will’ beings on this planet. Our physical body is the home of our Soul.  You may have different languaging on this.  But the divinity that lives in us, and that animates us – it is our sovereign right to live as we are guided, in alignment with that.

This is a big passion of mine, just helping to create the awareness.  Because, when we learn to set parameters on our energy field, and we set the parameters on what we are willing to allow into our field, and what we choose to interact with, what that means, is that we can shift our world.  And, the physical world around us changes.

9:00  This is the work Alex has done for years.  It starts out as a big concept, and then gets more subtle. As new experiences come up, you begin to realize, ‘Oops, I need to change this parameter that I’ve set’, so it is a cumulative effect.  And, you will notice more and more shifting in your life, and in the way you sense energy around you.

We as human beings are all empaths.  Our bodies are set up with a ton of sensors and we can absolutely sense the energy around us.

It is a biological by product of being spirit incarnate.

Is it a gift, it’s all a gift! And, we are all on a spectrum (of experience, abilities, and so on).

How Personal Sovereignty and Energy Field Management Relates to Telepathy

10:20 I explain how this discussion relates to telepathy:  When you are using telepathy, or doing telepathy, or going to receive telepathy, what you are doing is sending information into another person’s energy field.

Alex and I play and joke and talk about our energy bubbles and permissions.

11:11 Setting time limits on permissions.  Solaris – I tell the story of traveling years ago and staying in hotel rooms and setting time limits for energy parameters (until check out time).

Alex talks about how she takes her energy parameters and space of love with her wherever she goes.  This eventually leads to teleporting!! And I agree!! 🙂

I talk about having dominion in and being in my toroidal energy field.

Questions About Telepathy and What it Means to People

13:33  How Alex and I started talking about telepathy today.

Alex peruses social media and felt the pulse on this – that there are a lot of people who are scared that somebody is going to dive into their brain, take a bunch of information and it will be used against them and that kind of thing.  Information – does it give you power? But, if you don’t know how to use it, then it is just information.

We are moving into a space where there is going to be more and more transparency.  When you know and can apply the tool sets of creating a sovereign space, and requiring permission…  it is like receiving a contract from someone. It is also an energetic construct.  We are talking about energetic constructs that seem to be nothing, but everything is energy.  You choose. You command. You intend for certain protocols to be followed with your energy, like, I do not give permission for someone to just go into my field.

Now, she cannot be on this 24-7, so, her sovereign Soul can take care of this for her.

Energetic Transparancy and Energetic Permissions

15:23  I summarize that we are talking about two key ideas: transparency and permissions.

We are talking bout getting comfortable with being more transparent.  To a certain extent, there is an acceptance that this is just who I am, and being comfortable with who we truly are, and other people seeing this.

Then there is a second aspect of setting the parameters.  Here is a story about that:

I signed up for something recently, and that evening while I was sleeping, I woke in the dream state, and I was consciously aware.  What I had signed up for had just shown up in energy and was trying to come into my field. Most human beings don’t have parameters set up.  So this energy would have come into their field and done whatever it was going to do; it would have interacted with them.  This is a form of telepathy.  It’s a little like ‘wifi’.

Because of my awareness, the permissions I have set in my field, the energy wasn’t able to come into my field, so it was just there, outside wanting to get in. I woke, noticed this, and reaffirmed my personal sovereignty and my energy parameters.  And, I said “You’re not coming in.” I could tell that it was confused, that this hadn’t happened to it before (when interacting with other human beings).

Alex says – “It happens in my house all the time!!” Lol.

17:50 Alex describes how this can happen: Because everything is everything.  We discuss that when you sign up for something, you agree to terms and services.

So, I redid my energy agreements beyond what is written in their terms of services.  In my energy field, I can do that, because I am sovereign. This is sovereignty based on my Soul’s embodiment of my physical body and energy field, and is based in universal and divine law.

Applications:  Specific Suggestions to Claim Your Personal Energetic Sovereignty and to  Set Parameters for Your Energy Field

18:40 We are talking about some pretty advanced master energy working concepts here.  So, we both give suggestions for beginners about phrases or declarations that you can use to set your energy parameters initially:

Alex suggests the following to start with.  She states using something like this that is in alignment with the words that you (the reader or listener) would want to use:

“I am a divine sovereign eternal free will Creator goddess/god being.  I claim by divine right my sovereign energy space, my sovereign Soul, my sovereign brain, my sovereign body, my sovereign innate body, my sovereign inner child, my sovereign heart. Past, present future, in all dimensions, in all timelines.  Energy only interacts with me in alignment with my highest good.”

(This is a suggestion – if you desire, please adjust this wording this so that it fits your personal alignments and choices.)

That is a good basic start.

I describe that the concept of sovereignty that we are talking about is not a legal concept, it is not a governmental concept.  What we are talking about is living in your body, and owning your personal space, your energetic space, and claiming your self-mastery and your Soul connection, and claiming your right to live in alignment with Soul in your energy field and physical body and in alignment with your personal inner guidance.

I also suggest a complement to what Alex has suggested, for beginners:  From the standpoint of understanding that I am my embodied Soul, working with my Higher Self, and knowing that, I simply say:

“I claim my body. I  claim my energy field.  I claim my emotional body.  mental body. spiritual body. astral field. etheric field.”

(This is a suggestion – if you desire, please adjust this wording this so that it fits your personal alignments and choices.)

As I have practiced this, over and over, I would feel ‘stuff’ (energies) flying off of me.  Because it cannot stay when I set these parameters.

20:48 Alex describes that we talk about it from the macro, and then as you practice, you will set parameters that are more subtle.  Because we are all a partnership – all of the facets of the body and of our energy field, working together. We are all re-membering who we are.

21:27  How does this relate to telepathy?  Because it really does relate in an important way.

I describe that when you are engaging in telepathy, it is my strong feeling that you want to set permissions over exactly what you are okay with experiencing, over exactly what you are okay with receiving. And, you can set permissions on the frequencies that you encounter, also.

For example here is a suggested statement that you can adjust based on what feels in personal alignment for you:

“I allow telepathy from ‘x;’ person in my highest good in alignment with my Soul plan and in alignment with my inner sovereignty.”

(This is a suggestion – if you desire, please adjust this wording this so that it fits your personal alignments and choices.)

22:20  Alex adds a caveat that, we are all sensitive, and we all have an energy field.  We talk about what is representative of an energy like; that energy tastes like such and such, or viewing the energy windscreen of a person.

And, just because you can perceive this, or you felt this from another person, does not mean that your permissions are not in place.  Just like you would see a book cover but not look into the book, we all present that ‘avatar’ or representative ‘windscreen’ of what that energy is. What we are talking about here is setting permissions so that energy does not come past that avatar, or ‘windscreen’ that we present without our permission.

24:09  I explain how I see telepathy working energetically. I illustrate this using the video screen and show how I feel that the energy moves, energy field to energy field.

Thus, telepathy is like a radio transmitter.  In my view, we do not need technology to do this.  We have the full capability within our human bodies and energy fields.

I do not do telepathy and I do not allow it. I have already had my experience with this in many past lifetimes.

But, for those of you who are trying this, because I understand that many people are interested in telepathy now, here is a suggestion for qualifying the energies of the telepathy you engage in:

“I will receive transmissions from ‘x’ at the frequency of my highest good, in alignment of my Soul path, in alignment wit the frequencies of my heart energy.”

(This is a suggestion – if you desire, please adjust this wording this so that it fits your personal alignments and choices.)

I qualify the frequencies of energy that I will engage with, because I like to receive frequencies that are at this level, and I do not like to engage with the lower frequencies.  It is a little like simply preferring one kind of movie to another kind.  Some movies, I’m just not interested in, at all.

If you do not qualify the energy you choose to engage with, it is a potential in my view, that a person or an entity can go into your field, and they can potentially leave energy there, they can potentially leave information, they can potentially leave an implant, and on and on.

Alex says this is always why she clears her field any time she does anything.  You (the reader and viewer) can do this also in your own energy field, because your energy is your own and you have authority within it.

27:20 Alex describes a new paradigm of energetic approach for healers:  To ask permission before interacting with someone else’s energy field, rather than simply looking in and working or perceiving.

Summary: 2 Important Basic Concepts Before Engaging in Telepathy

28:50  What’s important for telepathy?

  1. Claim your own space and own your own space.  Claim your body and all your energy bodies as your own.
  2. Set your energy parameters.  You can always make a new choice on this.  And you can always make the choice ‘No’, in any moment.

29:50  You will notice that people shift around you as you set parameters in your energy field.

Thank you so much for joining us today.  This is a new kind of video that we are doing today, about human energy field management.

We plan to do some more videos on energy and hope that you will join us for these!

Love, Solaris

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