Visiting a Lightship is about Love

Visiting a lightship in meditation is about love, discernment, setting energy parameters, and working with your inner guidance.

Setting up a process and setting up your energy field ahead of time is important.  Knowing your intentions before you start, and intuiting what your heart is aligned with, allows you to have experiences that are personalized to the state of your being reflecting your highest heart’s desire.

Following discernment and setting parameters sets up your lightship experiences to be in alignment with your heart connection, and sets up the frequencies of who and what you call in, in your experiencing.

These techniques also aren’t about being good, or being bad.  They are about living from the whole of our being – in full acceptance of our vast array of talents, and capabilities, in full consciousness of the choices we make, and the actions we will choose take, in any moment.

Know thyself, and know thyself in full knowledge of and love for who you are.

There are several ways that love comes into play here.

Using Discernment is About Love for Your Self

It seems responsible to comment on engaging discernment before engaging with these experiences in a meditative state.  In fact, being self-responsible is a key aspect of engaging with any energy from a meditative state, from my view.

Using discernment is about love.

It is about loving yourself, enough to make sure that you are energetically and physically secure as you go about your experiences.

It is about caring about yourself enough to engage in ways that make you feel comfortable and secure, and therefore allow you to have an experience with the heart open.

I guess, that’s what it’s about for me, anyway.

Setting Frequency Parameters for Your Body, Your Self, Your Being and Your Energy Field is Key

The other way that love comes into play is frequency parameters.

To visit a lightship, one needs to hold a matching frequency to that ship.

This frequency is that of unconditional love.  It is not a mental frequency.  It is a heart-based frequency.

It is the frequency of love of all beings and love of all things.

It is the frequency of honoring and loving your Self and your self, first, and in turn honoring and loving all you experience, and all whom you are meeting.

The Frequencies of the Heart Hold Both the Invitation and the Key to Entry 

Simply state, love gets you through the force field.

At a certain frequency, there is an open door.  But any lower frequency, the door is closed.  Does this make sense?

I used the word force field for our understanding, but it is not exactly how the galactics would describe this, they would use much gentler language.  I cannot think of what that would be, though, right now.  LOL.

Maybe this is to make clear this distinction:  Love is important, here.  It is the qualifier.

Love is About Connection With Our Inner Divinity

Love and heart-based discernment is about direct connection with the highest frequencies within our selves; it is about connection with the Godspark or Source connection within the heart that embodies is our direct connection with our divinity.

Heart-based discernment, based in love for the human self, is about knowing in the moment if an experience is in alignment with our Soul path, or whether an experience is a step off of our journey in highest alignment with this inner divinity.

There is a simple way to utilize this discernment, too.  As my friend Alex Clark notes:  Heart open – in alignment with inner Source connection.  Heart closes – out of alignment with our inner Source connection.

Personalize These Suggestions, and Change them as You Feel Guided, with What Resonates with Your Being

These are suggestions, and should be personalized to what resonates with your being.  There are many ways to do this, and this is just one of the potential processes that you can use.  This is how I tend to do it.

In addition, I will change and add to the process as I go along, so this is my process in the Now moment, lol.

What I have found, is that as I evolve, how I’m guided evolves also, because as I grow and expand, my energy field grows and expands, also.  It’s kind of fun, really.  Challenging, sometimes (oh yeah!), but fun, definitely.

But the funnest thing is the love that I experience feeling in these experiences.

Love, Solaris

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