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Starseeds are human beings who feel a connection with the stars and who are focused on raising human consciousness and-or assisting humanity.

In addition, this group often has memories of lifetimes in other places; in the stars, on other planets, traveling on ships, being angels.

The backgrounds of starseeds are varied, reflecting the many possibilities of where they originated.

Characteristics of Starseed Origins:

  • Sometimes the person directly remembers coming from another galactic culture
  • Sometimes the person has past life memories of life among the stars
  • Sometimes the person was incarnated on Earth during times when human beings had relationships with extraterrestrial races and interacted with those ETs, or was one of them
  • Sometimes the person has a connection with their angelic or celestial self; some galactics have a frequency that is very similar to these
  • Sometimes the person has a connection with fairy or elemental or Gaia energy
  • Sometimes the person is very close with their memories of Lemuria or Atlantis

(I include these last two, because these incarnations were from such a different time in Gaia’s history; so much so that it was almost like another planet and culture from what it is now.)

If the starseed has galactic memories, or ancient Earth memories, this person may require quite a bit of self healing before or during shifting into their primary mission. This is because some galactic memories were traumatic as a result of wars or mistreatment of one culture by another.

On the other hand, the starseed may have come from peaceful galactic lifetimes to this place and are ready to share what they have to offer, and may feel out of place in this world because it is so different than the experience they have come from.

The Starseed Mission

Starseeds tend to feel a sense of mission and purpose. They may or may not know the specific details of the mission, or of their purpose. But, it will usually be focused on assisting human beings to expand their consciousness.  There may be feelings that are indicators of this sort of mission.

Indicators of Your Starseed Mission:

  • Feeling that life could be different
  • Feeling that society’s structures could be more fair
  • Faith that there is another way to do things
  • A knowing that new ways of living and of being are coming
  • Knowing and bringing special tool sets and understanding
  • Living life while consciously transmitting certain frequencies such as the knowing that ‘you are worthy’, or (for example) the knowing that ‘love is the most important energy of all’ out to the world around them

Starseeds are Light Workers and Energy Workers

Many of the star seeds are intuitive, energy sensitive, and are assisting with ascension – the expansion of consciousness and awareness of humanity.  Many are also ‘light workers’ or energy workers.

What does this mean?  It means that this group feels, sees and experiences ‘energy’ in a way that is similar to what human beings have typically experienced through their ‘sixth sense’. It’s just that because this group is starseeds, or, close to their past lifetimes and origins in the stars or in extraterrestrial races, they are a bit more practiced at it.

I am in this ‘group’, if you couldn’t tell that already, lol. Many of my friends and acquaintances are, and have been, in this group of people also.  I’m science-y, but I’m intuitive, I do energy work as I’m guided, and I generally pay attention to what is mine to do.

The light worker – energy worker type people that I have met and known, also cross into the UFO field. I wrote about this in the article – Meet Us at the Intersection of UFO and Spirit.

Having Galactic Experiences

It’s just that this group – starseeds – is having galactic experiences – they are being contacted by higher dimensional galactic and angelic or celestial beings, and are interacting with these beings while in human form on the human physical and energy planes.

If they are working with, or in contact with, extraterrestrials from ET races that have been considered ‘negative ETs’ on Earth, then they are usually working with the ascended (future) incarnations of these extraterrestrials, or they are working with the current incarnations of these extraterrestrials who have consciously chosen the path of ascension (expanding consciousness).

Building Energetic Pathways

This group is also building energy pathways to the higher dimensions with the galactic and celestial beings, and with other human beings, testing and trying and retrying how these interactions work within the human body and within the human energy bodies, as they expand their own consciousness and awareness, testing how the human physical form is effected by higher frequency energies, how it shifts and what support the body and energy bodies require.

In my view, this process creates energetic templates that other human beings who are expanding their consciousness can follow.  That others have come before make this easier.

I view this energetic process and contribution as similar to what is my personal impression of what monks in Asia did over lifetimes. It is my view that experienced monks used meditation practices to carve similar energetic pathways and to hold a frequency to these pathways for humanity, over time, and through the dark days of Earth’s history.

Getting Personal: Starseed Feelings and Intuitive Hits

Starseeds tend to be spiritual. Many are on a path to embody their highest incarnation of self – that’s how I’d put it.  They are focused on expanding their own consciousness, and as a result, often model this for others, and for each other, too.

Starseeds can tend to feel a bit lonely and isolated as well. That’s why it’s good to have places, online or otherwise, and people to share your special experiences with and to encourage each other.

What I’ve found is that starseeds often will recognize each other, sometimes quite quickly, usually because of resonant energy structures and fields.

And, we recognize the feel, the energy of certain people and places.

If you are a starseed, welcome to this little corner of the galaxy; a place where I hope you may feel at home. I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, pull up an article, and take a rest for a bit as you remember and connect with inspiration that may remind you of what you love.

It is busy work, building the ‘new’.

Love, Solaris

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