Soul Communication, Susan V LacerraWe Can Develop Intimate Communication With Our Soul

I have developed communication and communion with my Soul’s energies.

I learned that I could do this, and I learned a technique for connecting with my Soul, from a good friend of mine.

My dear friend Josée has communicated directly with her Soul for years, and she talked me through how to do this:  Josée has given me permission to speak about our work together – how exciting!!

What I Learned From Josée About Soul Communication

•  We can communicate with our Soul.

Simply the idea that this was an activity I could do and engage in was eye-opening. Josée told me about how she communes with her Soul, and I came to understand that this is possible.

•  Communication with Soul is Two Way.

What I learned from Josée, is that we can receive information and guidance from our Soul, but that as human beings, we can share information back with our Soul, also.  This last part was a new idea for me.

•  The Soul Values Our Humanity and Our Human Experience.

When Josée explained about how she communicates with her Soul, from and about her human perspective, and when she described her Soul’s responses and reactions, what I realized was this:  The Soul values us as human beings!! The Soul respects us and our experience!!  The Soul wants to hear about it and wants to commune with us in our human state, if we wish this!!

•  The Most Important Thing We Have to Do, Is Ask.

What I concluded from Josée’s experience, is that setting our intentions, asking for communication with our Soul, is the most important thing we need to do to make this possible.  Are there techniques to learn?  Are there ways to ready our being?  Yes, we can do these things, and Josée shared her techniques with me. You see, if we have asked, this is the first step in making this possible for ourselves.  Asking repeatedly is okay, also!!  Once Soul knows your choice, you will be guided accordingly – the techniques, the resources, will appear, just like they did for me!!

•  The Soul is Accessible to Us – And This Access is Our Birthright.

When I met someone like Josée, who communes with her Soul everyday, I began to look at Soul differently.  Before, Soul had seemed almost inaccessible to me – a high up entity, mysterious – a part of God, somehow divine, and I was like a child in comparison.  However, what I came to see is this – I am akin to being my Soul’s child.  I am the incarnation of my Soul’s energies.  And therefore, my Soul is highly interested in how I am doing and what I am doing, if I wish to share this!  I also came to see that accessing this divinity within, my Soul energies, are a part of my birthright as a human being.

•  I Love My Soul; and My Soul Loves Me.

I love my Soul, and my Soul deeply cares about me, deeply loves me, without judgement.  I opened to feeling this high regard for who I am, and this deep unconditional love for who I am, from my Soul.

•  If You Wish to Communicate With Your Soul Also, Set Your Intention and Simply Ask.

I was sent a guide, a teacher, in the form of my friend, after requesting, after intending, communion with my Higher Self and my Soul. I had deeply desired guidance from “within”; from my Soul energies and representatives, and I intended this for myself, reaffirming my choice to do this.  It took time and I made changes to my life. I began to align my life choices with my inner guidance.  I also interacted with my Soul and Higher Self energies.  So, I was ready to expand into direct communication with my Soul.

•  We Show Soul We Agree With Our Actions.

When my inner guidance placed a friend in my path who was willing to share with me, I said “yes!” with my actions. For me, this meant asking my friend questions and practicing the techniques she showed me.  I customized the techniques Josée showed me in alignment with my inner guidance, and with guidance from my Higher Self.

Now, sometimes an activity or a teaching isn’t actually what we need at the moment, or it may not truly be in alignment with our highest good, for whatever reason.  So if you find yourself not following through, or not accepting an offer on your path, trust your inner intuition and your ability to discern that this opportunity is not necessarily in your highest good in your Now moment.  Trust what your heart is telling you.  And, sometimes this means spending time allowing the mind to quiet down, so our heart is easier to hear.

•  Be Ready to Receive Love For Yourself that Fully Accepts Who You Are

When I first felt the unconditional love of my Soul, and then of my Higher Self, for me, I was basically wowed.  To be loved and respected without any judgement at all, was beyond anything I had previously experienced.

You can feel this incredible love for you that Soul has; and you can communicate with your Soul, as well, if you wish this. Simply, open to the possibility that you can have alignment and communication with your Soul. And then, set your intentions for yourself and your Soul communications.

Your teacher will appear also, in whatever form is in highest good for you.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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