As we walk the spiritual master’s path together, and sovereignly alone, there are many hurdles that invite us to stop loving. To close our hearts to the things we do not like, the people we do not agree with and the situations we find abhorrent.

I invite you to just keep loving.

For love is the most powerful stance we have at our disposal in a world that presents experiences intended to close our hearts.

We are shown every single day things that make us mad, divide us, break our will and invite us to close off from the whole.

I invite you to just keep loving.

For what is the point of wanting something in this world unless we decide to be that very thing?

Love is not just a silly word used in spiritual or romantic circles.

It is the most powerful energy in this universe.

When we close off to love in the face of an experience, we give away our own sovereign power and concede that the experience is more powerful than our own heart.

When we close off to love in the face of the experience of another, we step off our own path and push against the sovereign path of another.

When we close off to love in the face of the beliefs of another, when we fight against their beliefs, we are holding their beliefs within us, instead of letting our own beliefs guide our path.

When we close off to love in the face of fear, we are feeding the fear and giving it exactly what it was created for.

Less love on this plane.

I invite you to just keep loving.

No matter what anyone else says or does, no matter what happens or does not happen, our most powerful point on the sovereign spiritual path is within our open hearts.

To love in the face of all that is presented is dissident in the best sense of the word.

As we come to understand on the spiritual path that others are sovereign and have the divine right to free will choice, just as we do, we see the hack revealed in all its starkness.

The actions, beliefs and experiences of others are only traps to pull us off our own path and inappropriately intervene in theirs in an effort to get them to do or be as we wish them to be.

This is not free will.

This is not sovereignty.

This is not love.

In a world seemingly gone mad, I invite you to just keep loving.

What does that really mean?

Unconditional love is defined as love without conditions.

This description of love is bandied about spiritual circles as the penultimate type of love. It is the love we all aspire to, but have difficulty expressing here on this plane.

True unconditional love has nothing to do with giving away our power. It has nothing to do with allowing others to hurt us. It has nothing to do with accepting bad behavior. It has nothing to do with giving up our will to the will of something greater than us.

Unconditional love has everything to do with honoring our own path, allowing others their path, and even if its not what we would choose, still keeping our hearts open and transmitting love in this plane.

All love. All the time. No conditions.

I believe we have difficulty expressing it on this plane because the key to unconditional love is to love self first, and oh, the hacks that keep us out of that type of love!

The programming starts early and runs deep. It runs through family interaction, through society and through personal relationships until the programming becomes unconscious.

At that point, we believe that the separation between ourselves and our own heart and love have always been there, instead of being a construct something else repeatedly suggested to us over time.

When we decide to start walking the path back to self love, we begin to claim our power back fully for our own use.

It can be an extremely scary thing that takes a lot of courage, but I invite you to keep loving and see where the path leads you.

If you keep at it, consistently throwing away the untruths you believe about yourself, that are simply constructs placed into your mind in order to keep you powerless, it will ultimately lead you home to your own heart and love, allowing you to direct your own energy.

It seems easy to stay in the heart, and in the stream of unconditional love when in the presence of nothing that invites us to be pulled out of that space. Mix it up on the incarnational plane and all bets are off, it seems.

When we understand that we have our own sovereign soul and energy field, and we get to, through free will choice, choose what types of energy we allow within our fields, and everyone else has the same choice, we begin to see that we can have the power to walk our own path without being distracted to step off it by others.

For when we claim our own power back and walk the path of love no matter what, we become the most powerful and courageous beings on this plane. We become warriors for love.

When we have unconditional love in our energy field, nothing can stop the flow of love energy out into this plane.

When we know we have dominion over our own energy field, and choose not to become entangled in the energy fields of others, the path forward becomes crystal clear.

We are all beloved children of the universe, and on this plane we are all granted the sovereign choice to choose love or not-love. Every single one of us.

When we get quiet and sit in our own heart spaces and feel on that pivotal choice, the answer will come forth resoundingly. Our soul will sing to us like a clear bell across the distant mountains.

What do I choose? What do I want to create in this world? What do I choose to include in my energy field?

I choose love.

I choose self-love.

I choose to love in the face of it all.

I choose to be the most powerful agent of love that I can be in any single now moment on planet, for it not only benefits me, it benefits all.

I choose to love in a world that invites me to stop loving.

I choose to take love on the road with me and be love in every interaction I have with others.

If they choose differently than me, and truth be told, when we strongly set our intentions this rarely happens, I still choose to send love to their higher self, even in the face of their different choice.

I choose love as my most powerful tool of spiritual dissent in a representational world that reminds me every single day that not-love is also a sovereign choice.

While I can invite you to love, the sovereign choice is yours.

What do you choose?

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