trustA Message From St. Germain

I subscribe to a weekly Course in Miracles newsletter. It arrives in my inbox early Sunday morning.

I take my coffee on the porch, open my iPhone – there it is. The message two weeks ago validated what I’ve been receiving: “Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.”(1)

What is a miracle anyway? Is it an unexpected gift? Is it a reward for doing something that we deem special?

When something happens in our life do we say, ‘I don’t believe it, but I know it’s true’?

Miracles happen when we are open to receiving them. Miracles happen when we’ve cleared/purified the space within for the Light of the Divine essence or energy to come through. In other words, we set the intent.

I Love the saying. ‘put it out there and then don’t be attached to the outcome’. We experience synchronicity and we experience the manifestation of our intent made manifest.

I’ve come to feel that the miracles happen in proportion to our level of trust.

Recently, I shared my experience of Babaji on Gaia Scenics’ View, and the beautiful prayer/chant, Om Namaha Shivaya. What I’ve found is that my level of trust has expanded. Any fear or doubts are slowly, but surely, dissolving. Am I opening myself then to ‘receive’ the miracles? If that’s the case, then am I also opening it for the planet at the same time? The answer, for me, is a resounding ‘Yes.’

Trust is everything in our expansion of consciousness. Trust brings us to the next step in our awareness of what’s possible. Trust brings us to the Truth of who we are. And, I feel that it’s a step by step and inch by inch process.

In 2013, I began to receive clear messages during meditation. I started out by writing the messages in longhand. In 2016, I began speaking the messages. Now, depending upon the circumstance, the messages come through verbally and/or in writing.

This past week, I received a message that I feel is speaking to everyone. It’s from our friend and brother, St. Germain. It’s all about Trust.

“I am your friend and brother, St. Germain.

“Hello, dear friend, we are desirous to say hello, and to greet you and to join with you this day in your communication.

“You were just searching within yourself for a word, and you came upon the word ‘Trust’, and you immediately thought of the St. Germain Trust.

“Trust has many meanings. Let us explore them for a moment.

“Trust is the knowing within that all is well.

“Trust is holding to the vision within of safety and peace.

“Trust is knowing that you are being guided and taken care of.

“The Trust comes from within. Trust comes from experience, and the trust comes from awakening. It is the Abundance of Love in the Heart of the One.

“The St. Germain Trust is seen as money, as gold, as something that is tangible. Yes, it is indeed gold and silver and gems, and yet it is also what we’ve shared above.

“Trust is the manifestation of individual and collective knowing. It is the word made manifest. It is the manifestation of the truth within of the essence of all life.

“Trust is the Oneness, outside of Duality.

“Trust is a knowing within, manifested throughout the Universe and beyond to the All of the Creation, and of the Divine Force and Light of the Creative Whole.

“The St. Germain Trust is sitting on your doorstep. You dip into it every day when you have an insight or an ‘aha’ moment. You use the energy of the Trust to expand your knowingness and your perception.

“Make no mistake about it. You are the heirs to this Trust. You are the overseers of this Trust. You are the Guardians and the Stewards of this Trust.

“The Trust is within you, and it is intended to manifest without. And, you clear the fear, frustration, anxiety and the past. We share this information with you because you are ready to receive it. You have opened your heart and anchored at another level – and we congratulate you.

“Be at peace, dear friends. Everything is in Divine Order within you, and thus without.”


(1) A Course in Miracles. Thought from the Foundation for Inner Peace
“Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.” 

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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