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Lately, I’ve been contemplating and looking at the concept of inter-dimensionality and vibrational frequency. I recalled an experience that I had about two years ago.

I was walking down the street and noticed a large tree up ahead and in the direction that I was walking. The reason I noticed the tree was because there were two beautiful streams of colors weaving through the branches. It’s not a sight that I see every day.

One color was a brilliant emerald and the other was a deep blue, almost iridescent color. I remember stopping for a moment to watch the colors move through the tree. And then, I walked forward through the colors.

I remember feeling at the time that I was seeing and experiencing a frequency that was different from the frequency of my body walking down the street. But, I realize today that the reason I saw the colors was because I had consciously stepped into another frequency that represented itself as colors on a spectrum. And, the colors and the spectrum were vibrant and alive on another dimensional level.

While I was contemplating and remembering the walking experience, I began to think about the beautiful crystal children that are with us today on the planet. We can actually see their beauty physically.

Last June, I was invited to a high school graduation party for the daughter of a dear friend. I was sitting in a chair talking to another friend when I glanced over at the sofa on the other side of the room. There were three teenagers sitting on the sofa talking, a boy and two girls.

As I turned my head to look at that part of the room, it was as if everything was moving in slow motion. There were waves of energy gently flowing around the sofa and coming from the three teenagers. I recall that their complexions were beautiful and clear – almost translucent.

I turned to the friend that I was talking to and asked her to turn around and look at the sofa. As she turned around to look in the direction of the sofa, I heard her gasp. She sat transfixed at what she was seeing. After a few minutes she turned back to me and there were tears in her eyes. She commented that our planet was indeed in good hands with these young people.

Over the years, I’ve studied many of the writings and teachings of Cayce, the Hindu and Chinese masters and modern scientists. The single recurring theme is that our personal transformation in expanded dimensions occurs in concert with our vibrational frequency. And, this transformation takes place on a cellular level, driven by our thoughts, actions and deeds.

So, the other day, again in contemplation, I received a message from our friend and brother St. Germaine that I believe takes this topic a step further.

Enhanced DNA

“The enhanced DNA are, in fact, present in the higher dimensional frequencies for every person. The issue is activating and merging with them through study and knowing about them and through opening yourself to knowing, and desiring the integration. It is a choice.

“People come to this guidance and they have a choice about what to do with the information. Often times, there is a feeling of unworthiness. It is as if the person is not worthy to receive this activation. But, in fact, this is far from the truth.

“Every person embodied on Gaia at this time is here to receive the activation. It is done automatically, with a willingness to receive the higher frequencies that come with the activation.

“The God spark is within every living being, human, animal, vegetable and mineral. This activation is occurring simultaneously in the myriad frequencies that we are, within, and that we are surrounded by. We tap into, so to speak, these frequencies by desire and inner clearing.”

St. Germaine Continues on Being a Portal

“We are all Portals of frequency and we work within many frequencies that we have integrated through our growth and expansion. There are many people existing/living within each frequency and they are individual portals, as well as collective or group portals.

“It is important to understand and acknowledge this work that is being done for all life. There are many at your frequency. And, everyone is working with their own mission and purpose as well as the collective mission and the purpose of a particular frequency.

“So, the twenty-four strands of DNA are available as we move further and further within, and practice what we learn, and hold to the truth that we know within our hearts.

“We are the ones that we have been waiting for. All knowledge is within. All history is within. All truth is within. And, we have access to the knowledge of who we are, through our desire and through our intent.

“You are fond of saying ‘I will not participate in this reality’. And, by that you mean the separation and the negativity that is present within the matrix of Gaia in these times.

“Know that by observing and holding your truth, you create a Portal, and we can describe this as a Beacon of Light, if you will, that is present to All that seek the truth.”


The human brain has the capacity to naturally synchronize.  This process is called brainwave entrainment.

St. Germaine continued.

“When you release an issue on the micro level, it has the potential to expand into the macro level. Individuals that are experiencing the same or similar issues have the opportunity to tap into this frequency and release that issue. The energy is present on all dimensions. Humanity taps into this frequency and releases and clears, expanding their understanding. It is the process of entrainment that so many are now speaking about. It is the gift that humanity has given to itself.”

I’ve heard many analogies used to explain frequency. The one that resonates with me compares our physical transmutation in terms of electricity. A portable appliance is built to be used within a specific electricity frequency. Our homes are wired to a specific voltage and our appliances work perfectly. However, if we plugged in an appliance that required a higher voltage than our home is wired for, we would trip/blow the circuitry in the house.

So, on a physical level our cells are changing, adjusting and integrating to increased levels of frequency brought about by the collective inner work of humanity on the planet. We are creating this new reality. We are creating Nova Earth. It’s occurring simultaneously.

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