sun, todayssun, solaris modalis, SolarisModalis, solar, solarisI look at the sun, and remember my inner light. I remember my desire to follow my inner guidance, and walk the pathway of my Soul.

Assessing the Changing Energies

Today the weather changed, getting colder as the wind blew in. The high heat in the Central Valley pulls in the cool ocean air. The resulting wind can fan the start of fires, if there is a starting mechanism. It’s a time to be pretty careful in this part of California, because a small and thoughtless spark can create a raging fire that burns thousands of acres, homes and more.

Unkind and cruel intention and action can create the same result.

In these circumstances of energy, I look to the inner sun in my heart and let my inner Light glow. In this way, I stay centered in my heart as I look to the skies and feel and see the signs of change about to occur.

Staying Centered in My Heart

From within this centered place of focus on the inner light or inner sun in my heart; well – I can act from here. In this place I am calm and centered. In this place, I’m not pulled this way or that by that which wants my attention, by the forces demanding I hear their cries to polarize my energy and my mind.

From this centered place, I can love. I have already started by loving myself – drawing inward as chaos and change approaches and setting my energy field to love light. What I have found is that this creates a bubble of energy around me that is like a comforting and warm glove. This energy emanates from my heart and Soul, it protects me and assists me – if I ask – in staying the course, in staying guided on my Soul path.

The Energy of Love Shines Outward Like the Light of the Sun

It’s what I can do – I can love the land, I can love the people and I can send out the energy of caring in doing so.

Love changes thing, and love has the power to transform. Love doesn’t mean that transformation won’t be painful, love doesn’t mean that transformation won’t be uncomfortable.

Setting Intentions For Our Highest Outcomes; Choosing Our Highest Timelines

But what love does do is salve the process; adding love means that the transformation works towards our highest outcomes and in our highest good on our highest timelines.

Trust the inner light – trust the inner plan.

My view is that changing the world, starts from within. My view is that changing the world is a metaphor for changing our own selves.

Let your discernment be your guide – you’ve got this.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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