existenceDid you know there is no being in the whole of existence like you?

You have the power to transform yourself every moment. No two moments are the same, even for the one being from one moment to the next. Change is the only constant in the universe.

You can choose to harness the power of change, to be change, or you will be the victim of change you feel you have no control over. But each moment is a new choice point, each moment you can choose anew, and there lies the greatest beauty and wonder.

No matter how hard your life has been, how downtrodden or fearful or ill you have felt, you always have the power to transform and rejuvenate and inspire yourself and others. You are powerful. You are unique in all space and time, and all the other universes in the multi-verse too.

You deserve the love you are made of. Be kind to your golden child, and tune into the notes of your own personal music. Feelings and emotions have wisdom without words, and they whisper to you, if you will listen. Take care of Your Sacred Self the way you would take care of a Beloved. Too often, we treat ourselves more harshly then we would our worst enemy.

Self-love comes first. For how can one love others if one has no love for one’s self? Self-love doesn’t mean you exclude others. It just means you realise that on this Earth, this beloved Gaia/Sophia/Terra, you recognise that YOU are the value. You bring that which no-one else ever can, will or be. That is why NOW is the Present. You are the Gift.

Hate is not the opposite of love.

There is only love and learning to love.

The Hero’s Journey.

The road leads to where it started.

Lots of love and big hugs beamed from me, as a representative of Source and also Source incarnate, just as You Are.

The One Is You.


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