gratefulThis gem is from Steven Lynch, one of our beloved forum members. He shared with us his gratitude list on forum and has agreed to share it here as well.

Thanks, Steven, for modeling the awesome power of gratitude, and how it transforms the perception of life and living.

This form of awareness is, from my view, a master key to walking in mastery. And, for those struggling with experiencing anything ‘better’ at all, the key to this is always going to begin and end with the ability to appreciate.- Andrea

My ‘greatfull’ list!

I am grateful that I am happy.

I am greatful that I have enough money for essentials plus fun stuff.

I am greatful for my wonderful health.

I am grateful for my open mind and heart.

I am grateful for my wonderful friends and family.

I am grateful for life and physical manifestation itself.

I am grateful for doing wonderful things.

I am grateful for being able to take other souls’ experiences to heart and integrate them in my own life.

I am grateful for my positive attitude.

I am greatful for my youthful looks.

I am greatful that I have attained a more healthy body shape, while still eating stuff I really enjoy.

I am greatful that the world around me is getting better!

I am greatful that the more I grow, the more I can grow.

I am greatful that any moment I can breathe and make another choice.

I am greatful that we haven’t all dematerialised into a hacked idea of fifth dimension or fourth density.

I am greatful that I get to experience life when embodied.

I am greatful that I am able to let people follow their own path while I follow mine.

I am greatfull that I have lots of fun things to do.

I am greatfull for an abundant and generous and benevolent universe where you are millions of more times guaranteed to succeed than to fail.

I am greatfull that there is no way you can really fail, and all you can really do is succeed, but it’s still fun doing it!

I am greatfull for a wonderful Gaia Scene, fun games to play, and a neverending universe to explore!

I am greatfull for naturally coming up with “greatful” and then “greatfull” instead of “grateful”!

Steven Lynch

From Gaia Scene forum, posted with permission

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