creatingAre We Creating More Waiting?

Almost every day I hear someone say, ‘I’m tired of waiting’ or ‘my patience wears out’; even going as far as saying, ‘I can hardly wait for ascension (or the event or the GCR) to happen so I can start creating our Golden Age or my beautiful life’.

I spent most of my life waiting; waiting for something to change that gives me the chance to walk on. At times I tend to peep beyond the fence and anticipate potentials about what’s to come, which again seduces me to waste my energy on waiting for what I’ve envisioned.

This was the most difficult thing for me to grasp, waiting is a waste of energy. Although we seemingly don’t do anything when waiting, the very process of wait-ing is an activity that depletes our life force energy and prevents us from performing other activities.

I had to essentially change focus, from Do-ing to Be-ing.

Instead of ‘Do-ing the wait-ing’, I’ve been called to shift to ‘Be-ing await‘.

This funny word creation which morphes the verb ‘await’ into an adjective, means to me:  embody a state of being as the primary focus;  from here, all doing is an add-on to the being- /awaiting, /creating, /dancing, /singing, /speaking, /writing.

It doesn’t matter what’s the activity while rooted in Being, the doing is simply an expansion of being.

From this state of Be-ing, we’re not victims anymore, helplessly dependent on the delivery of what we’re waiting for.

From Be-ing, we can perform all kinds of activities, the more alignment they arise from on the inside, the lesser the Do-ing exhausts us.

With the focus on Be-ing, we are ‘await’ while we’re capable of moving on.

From Be-ing await, we start becoming co-creators of the reality we envision.

Most of us have heard of the Divine Plan for our planet and humanity at this point of Now (New Paradigm). Many of us listen to channelings that draw images of the potentials that are in the making for us.

But wait, in the making for us?

Who is Creating Them?

As far as I see it, We are creating.

We’re being given these images, plans, and visions, again and again – not to wait for them to be delivered, but to co-create them.

We create them by focusing our conscious attention onto them and energizing them with our life force. We’re being called to charge these visions, to fill them with our thoughts and emotions, to change the neutral frequency of the potential to an electro-magnetically vibrating probability, and ultimately reality.

It’s our desire that draws the blue-print of the Divine Plan into manifestation. The more people do this, the easier and faster it can be implemented into our shared reality.

When the focus is on waiting, the Universe responds with more things to wait for. It’s the simple Law of Attraction in action.

It’s not empowering to wait for things to change from the outside, and it doesn’t happen this way anyway. Change always happens from inside-out, thus, it’s better to drop the idea altogether and not waste energy on it.

We’re being called…

Stop waiting, start creating.


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