enoughisenoughWe are thrilled to bring you Summer’s Story. As the energies rise, we are coming to a juncture where we are integrating more of who we are into our being.  We think this refers only to our spirituality, and that feels very serious on an individual level.

But, all of us, all of our being, includes our divine innocence as well.  We may think of our divine innocence as being something outside of ourselves, that innocence is very sacred and thus should be approached in a nature that feels serious.

The truth is, that our divine innocence is the domain of our inner child, and the default nature of the inner child is sacred, yes, but sacredness expressed in freedom, silliness and play.

Connecting with this silly sacred nature, through unconditional love, magical thinking and joy can bring feelings of connection that we may not have experienced before.

It is very tender work, but it is some of the most important work we can do. Creating a safe space for the inner child to express itself is a part of my divine role here on planet.

Engaging the inner child, with all its curiosity, silliness and joy feels better and better every time you do it. Eventually the inner child feels safe and takes up its rightful residence directly in the center of your heart, and then, the magic flows constantly!

Today, we share a beautiful children’s tale from our dear Dawn Bellamy, so settle in for a comfy cuddle and read it to your inner child!   It will feel new, and yet familiar at the same time.  Alex Clark

Summer’s Story

Hello, my name is Summer Rayne and I am 6 years old and I have an Angel friend.

My friend is much much bigger than I am and she says she can be a boy Angel if she wants to be. She didn’t say how, or why she would want to be a boy…. sometimes she’s silly, but she’s my friend and I love her.

Angel came to visit me before I had teeth and we talked to each other in our heads, that was cool. My head would feel buzzy and I would say, “Hi Angel, what are you doing today?”

And she would laugh and say, “Visiting you, Summer.”

Once I asked her where she lived, and she told me anywhere she wanted to, but mostly she liked to be in my heart space, whereever that is.

When I got a bit bigger, Angel helped me learn to walk so we could go outside to play and meet other people. Some of the people we met lived in the big trees in my yard, not in the branches, but IN the tree, and they would pop out to smile and wave to Angel and me as we played.

A lot of the people had wings, not like Angels’.  Her wings were white, but she didn’t always wear them, sometimes she’d leave them in the closet.

The little people had wings made of Rainbow Dust and they always wore them. They told me that a person called Creator had made them especially for their Kingdom. Wow, they were special indeed and very nice.

Sometimes we would be visited by other children and they all had Angel friends.  Gee, we had so much fun in my back yard. Did I tell you about my Pets, Felix the cat and Roger the shepherd dog?  They could talk to Angel and could see her, I know ’cause they told me.

One day I asked Angel why mom & dad didn’t have an Angel friend. I was sad when she told me that they had very special Angels but had chosen not to believe that they were there.

She said they would need my help to find them again, and as I got older I could help them more and more. I couldn’t wait, it is so much fun being with the Angels, they laugh and tell jokes and love to play, so it would be great when mom & dad could play with all of us.

Oh, oh! Mom’s calling!  Time for supper then BB (bath and Bed).

Hugs to you and your Angel friends!

From, Summer.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View



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