As a homeopath who’s learned of countless cases where vaccination lead to life-long damage and illness, I could write a whole series about the non-sense of vaccination.

But this article is not about the sense and non-sense of vaccination. There’s countless information available, pro and con, so people can get educated and take their sovereign choices on how to go about having themselves and their children vaccinated.

What inspires my today’s post is an article about a mother who went to jail in Detroit because she refused to have her son vaccinated (1).

Heh? Really? This is happening in the ‘land of the free’? In a country with a constitutional right for their citizens to stay unharmed?

During the ‘measles crisis’ a few years ago which, from my point of view, was a result of too much vaccination, not too little, the German (my country’s) government spoke about installing mandatory vaccination.

A few days later, I found a petition in my mailbox. Usually, I’m not very fond of offering my data through petitions, but that one hit a perfect chord, so I signed it.

It challenged the government to prove that vaccination is useful AND harmless. What an intelligent move!

Instead of filing tons of available evidence for harm done through vaccination, and many studies which show that un-vaccinated folks have better chances to withstand an infection, the opposite was demanded for.

We don’t have to prove the harmfulness of shots; the government has to prove that no harm can be done by vaccination. Only then do they have a right to install mandatory vaccination. It’s that simple.

Would it surprise you that in Germany, we haven’t heard anything about forcing people into vaccination ever since?

If the government were to legislate such a demand, the result would be a run on the constitutional court.

We have a right to stay unharmed.  As long as the government shows no evidence for vaccination being completely harmless which they cannot, mandatory vaccination would go against our constitution.

Watching a mother thrown to jail because she refuses to vaccinate her child is a call to action. A call to stop being sheeple and take a stand on forced vaccination.

No matter whether you are for or against vaccination, are somewhat in the middle, or haven’t made up your mind as yet, it’s your own, not the government’s, right and duty to decide how to take care of your and your children’s health.

Everything else is against the constitution. Period.

(1) It Begins: Detroit Mother Sentenced to Jail for Not Vaccinating Her Son

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