storiesI originally wrote this article and posted it here on July 19, 2016. In the way most of the Gaia Scenics’ View content is timeless, this content is as well. I’d like to share it again, for those who may have missed it the first time. – Andrea

Four months ago, we started a blog. We wished to share our stories and our experiences. In our diversity is the ability to broaden our view.

Though this blog was born out of Gaia Scene community forum, you don’t have to be a forum member to contribute. We know not everyone is cut out to hang out in forums, even though we’re mad lovers of Gaia Scene and it’s grown to be such an intimate family.

Taking back our personal stories is more important in these times than most people understand. We’ve been highjacked. Our ability to be at one with community is crippled by the isolation we feel from our families and our communities too.

We go with our longing to the television and to social media to fill the void that used to be filled by listening to each other. The narratives replacing our authentic stories from the heart are constructed, and filled with some twisted agendas too.

Like the fast food that has replaced the home-grown and home-made meals the family used to share, these stories produced for mass consumption aren’t feeding us what we need. Instead, they weaken and confuse us, filling our desire to be nourished by each other with yet more emptiness and isolation. And we wonder, why am I still hungry in my heart?

When we wonder what’s going on in the world, we could be asking each other. We’ve forgotten how. We’ve forgotten how we each are equal in how we each hold a piece of this puzzle. We love our heroes and heroines, but the truth is that it’s heroic simply to be here now.

The biggest part of what I do as an blog editor is to model and hold the space for people to move out of what I call false modesty. I’ve found this to be a feature that blocks some brilliant people from being moved to spill their treasures for the rest of us to benefit from.

We’re not here to be ‘great’, or to be larger than life, like some B-movie script. We’re here to BE, and this is enough. It’s more than enough, and it’s also the hardest thing to work through all the programming that says we aren’t enough and can never hope to be enough either.

Nothing is more magical than our authentic, quirky, eccentric selves. None of us can ever really know what others will find beautiful and moving about us. We hide our light in fear of the judgments of others, when the truth is, we’re doing the judging without even allowing any responses first.

This community blog project is still very new. It’s new in that we intend to revitalize our ability to share openly with each other our authentic experiences as humans moving into alignment with divinity. What this looks like is so diverse as to be impossible to pin down. We don’t wish to pin it down, we wish to integrate it among us.

I’m not interested in the ‘canned’ view of who we are. I find my interest is focused now on the shares of my peers. If you’re reading this article, this means you.

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences about what it’s like to be an empowered human being moving into alignment with your divinity, you can contact me at (andreastar, zero, zero) It’s easy to get my attention, email me and you have it.

Written for Gaia Scenic’s View

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