storytellingIn case we haven’t noticed, we’ve been highjacked. The storylines of our human existence, of our mystic comprehension of the Great Mystery, of our perceptions about our lives and our relations to everything, these have been taken from us.

The great oral storytelling traditions of our ancestors have been replaced by manufactured and artificially static stories of religion, of artificial history accounts, and of mass media.

Somehow, our grasp of the unfathomable has been herded into narrow channels of consciousness. We secretly long for the truth of our perceptual abilities to come online again, but without the freedom to share our perceptions free of ‘authorized’ stories, we’ve lost out on this pure magic of our shared diversity.

This is something I’ve been aware of for a long time now. I come from a family tradition of storytelling and am also a member of the first generation for birth to death television availability. Media presentations have taken this highjacking to a whole new level, though the actual highjacking of storylines have predated this trend by thousands of years.

As a pagan by choice, I studied, at least in a cursory way, all the great religions. Interesting information in all of them. In my estimation, all are mythologies in the essence of what they represent. What any of them have to do with the truth of the greater story of the unfoldment of the Great Mystery is another question.

To take this notion further, I feel that even my own life stories are mythologies. These mythologies, like all mythologies, morph and change as my experience and perception changes too.

One of my personal driving forces is all about how to take our sovereign right to storytelling back again. In my view, we sacrifice far too much being hide-bound to any ‘authorized’ storyline about what we perceive and experience in our divine existence.

What makes one storyline more valid or important than another? I take them all in, and either there is a resonance in me for it or there isn’t. I don’t agree to allow myself to be herded into narrow channels of perception and consciousness designed to keep myself or others in check about sharing what we know in whatever ways we can manage to do this.

fairI can’t imagine how we find a way to do this sharing without allowing our access to the Great Mystery to create for us some stories. These stories are always a feature of our awesome diversity. May we share them freely again without accepting the invitations to get stuck or stuck up about the details, or in fighting over the artificial and static stories we’ve been force fed.

And, may we have some fun with it too. Each of us is in the midst of an epic adventure here of mythic proportions! Let’s share our gems and our joy and our laughter.

Beginning tomorrow, we will be offering a storyline by an author that’s agreed to share his book with us, chapter by chapter. As a beginning in our quest to include a broader spectrum of community into the Gaia Scenics’ View blog than just our forum members, he’s agreed to have some fun with us in this, and to share his personal perceptions of what’s going on for humanity.

Thank you, Clive Lawler, for publicly sharing access to the contents of your book, All’s Fair in Life on Earth. Check in tomorrow for our presentation of the first chapter of this series.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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