There are certain things you know you should always take with you when you go out of the house, and I suggest that your divine space of love energy should be one of them.

I have spoken previously about setting up the energy construct of our divine space of love, and how setting intentions around it can be beneficial. I have also spoken about intending and claiming divine sovereignty for our individual energy space.

One might think that simply declaring sovereignty would be enough, if we are comfortable in our own energy space, but I find that the two go hand in hand.

Anyone who is energy sensitive or empathic (though to be clear we are all empathic and can interpret energy we just may not be aware of it), can immediately feel the difference in energy as they move away from familiar locations. This shift in energy is often interpreted as the energy of others coming into our space and then we sense and react to it, but this is only part of the picture.

If we have declared our sovereignty and created declarations around the processing of energy in our own field, then moving away from a safe energy space should have no effect at all on our own energy ‘feelings’. We should be like a deep sea diver in a compression suit with all we need to move forth in this foreign terrain, but this is rarely the case.

A deep sea diver will certainly have what they need in the way of air, buoyancy control and dryness, but they will certainly feel the pressure and the temperature difference as they descend into the depths. The same is true of our energy fields as they move through foreign territory.

We will sense a shift in vibration and may feel entirely out of sorts or lost, even though our own energy is still in the driver’s seat.

Did you ever wonder why it is hard to fall asleep in a hotel room, or why you feel so odd in a new city? Your field is sensing the cumulative vibration of the energies within these spaces and comparing them to your most familiar energy space, which is generally the space you are most comfortable within, and thus vibrating at your highest rate.

While we won’t specifically be effected by the energy fields of others, not sensing their feelings and interpreting them, we will very much be reading the difference in vibration from one collective energy space to another, and that oddness can constrict our heart and solar plexus, making us feel ill at ease and unable to relax.

Depending on if we recognize this phenomenon and how fast we make adjustments for it, we can certainly spend time in the discomfort zone, and begin to lose faith in our ability to maintain our own energy space.

Let’s take a look at what is occurring in our divine space of love as it interacts with our sovereign energy fields. If we have set intentions around our energy, setting the perimeter and parameters of our divine space of love, then we know that every single particle of quanta within our space of love is interacting, through free-will conscious choice, with our individual energy fields for our highest good.

Every particle of quanta that enters our space of love is transmuted to the highest possible energy vibration for its highest good and our highest good. In other words we are literally soaking in a quantic bath of the highest possible vibration, and that bath was created in service to our highest good.

When we move out of our divine space of love without any specific energy intentions or constructs set up before hand, then our space of love stays behind and we move forth into energy that is decidedly different. The bath we are soaking in is a willy-nilly creation of the collective energy present and it has not been given specific directions for its actions within that space.

While we may have set intentions around our own sovereign energy, with specific directions about permissions and interactions related to energy exchange, we will certainly feel ourselves moving out of the beautiful high energy bath of our divine space of love and into the shower of various energies outside of it.

This feels disconcerting and we may begin to sense that we have lost control of our own energy bubble. The feeling may be subtle or shocking depending on how far the vibration falls in comparison to your divine space.

I have long asked the energy of my divine space of love to travel with me, like a golden energy bubble rolling along in my travels. Whenever I am preparing to go anywhere, I invoke this bubble around my sovereign energy field and I take the show on the road.

I even envision where I am going to go and lay down tunnels of golden energy along the pathway, literally preparing my way in both time and space so that I shall interact with the highest possible energy along the way.

Whenever I have used this technique, my trip flows beautifully and I simply shower my love and beingness along the way. In previous times when I have forgotten to set these intentions, the difference was striking. Instead of a warm and loving sense of peace, the energy I bumped into was at best murky and at worst jarring.

We can, of course, set the intention for our divine space of love energy to always travel with us, no matter where we go or when we go, and that construct can run continually in free-will service. Simply ask your lovely energy space to accompany you, like a high energy entourage, as you travel, and the quanta will absolutely be ready for any road trip.

We can also ask any other divine space of love to come and anchor its energy within our space. A little while ago, a sweet friend and her young family returned from an extended stay at the Standing Rock Sacred Stone Camp, and her children were having an extremely difficult time adjusting to life outside camp.

I suggested to her that she ask the energy of the camp, which was set through indigenous prayer and intention, and continually reaffirmed by daily ritual affirmation and the burning of sacred sage and camp fire, to come to where she and her children were staying at the time to be with them always.

When I shared this with my friend, she immediately understood the significance and set about making the intentions, with much shifting of the energy and emotions of her family. I am so deeply grateful that I could provide this tender nudge for her and her lovely family, and that they felt such a significant and loving shift.

I invite you all to play with this concept within your divine space of love and feel the results. Simply ask your space of love to come with you and thank it for the service. I get a good giggle when I feel on this energy because it reminds me of one of those clear hamster balls rolling along with me on the outside of my own energy field. I also feel the love emanating from this field, as it absolutely adores being in service to me and feels deep gratitude to me for being included in my journey.

As beloved children of the universe we have all been gifted with the ability to direct our own sovereign energy, and the energy that has chosen to be in service to us. Practicing with these constructs and then examining the outcome helps us to have a deeper faith in our ability to create energetic commands that support our highest good.

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