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The Author

From day 1 at school, aged 4 1⁄2 onwards, rebellion was unconsciously brewing in me. After transitting from primary school to secondary school, I failed to deliver on the high academic honours being expected of me. I had discovered, by age 14 (1959), in a very crude way, that the education process was absurd; that cramming information into this unwilling young mind was a great travesty, a serious abuse of my own human experience. Except for sport, I detested school. So I dropped out – to find what it was that I truly wanted.

To drop out in the 60’s was to go to work, but I remember and cherish the freedom of those days, even as an insurance clerk. I had money, a car, a surfboard, girlfriends.

I began to think more wildly, out of the square, and to hitch-hike from Brisbane to Cairns with 2 mates was a grand quest in 1963.

By the late ‘60’s, I had discovered The Beatles, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrixxxx, Dylan, swing and blues. My education had, thankfully, failed to prepare me for the life that was unfolding.

I dropped out even further from mainstream.

A 3 year stint as a road manager for a major Oz rock/blues band, Chain, was fantastic, a major groove, a brilliant opening for my eager mind. I found cannabis, which I loved for the next 40 years or so. I love and honour my entire ganja experience – ‘as you do’ all experiences.

Editing a new rock magazine in 1972 Melbourne, a superb, joyous gig, was the first flush of a writing and photography future.

The dropout expanded, to encompass communal living, inspired by the Nimbin Aquarius Festival, and the meeting with my first guru figure – an old Oz gentleman who taught me to be an astrologer. This is also when I began to play a tea-chest bass, which has brought me great cheer over the years, even to this day.

Fatherhood came mid to late 70’s, 2 gorgeous daughters, Amy and Erin, arrived, and yet I was still unsuited to conventional life.

Throughout this period, my interest in food, natural medicines and various healing modalities flourished.

My next teacher was Osho, 1982, and this was perhaps the ultimate drop out – ultimate in many wonderful ways.

It took me to India, where I felt so much at home that it seemed like I’d found my mother, my mother country. Despite having zero funds, I stayed there for 15 years, until 2003. With a creative partner, Dominique, we developed a fabulous and famous handloom fabric and clothing export business, IZIZI.

With friend Bharti we formed a cosmopolitan rock band, wrote several new songs, me for the first time, and sang live to very appreciative audiences. An amazing experience to be sure. Songs from that era? “Sex is the Best Meditation”, “I’m not Changing Spaces”, “Couch Potato Blues”, “Let’s Goa Goa”, “Dengue Fever”, “Sing your own Song”, “I’m a Buddha”, and more.

Meditation flourished. I found an inner depth never known before. I found the beautiful experience of trance states, not only from meditation, but also from dancing long and strong at techno doofs, in Goa and Pune, all through the 90’s.

I enjoyed sitting with the guru, fellow cricket-lover, Ramesh, in Mumbai, where I also met Leonard Cohen, whose lyrics and music are a constant, cosy and blissful feature in my life.

Discovered the brilliant ‘work’ of Byron Katie at a crucial time. Yo, Katie.

In 2002, a near-death experience from neuro-toxic poisoning brought me back to Oz, where I have slowly and totally recovered.

In 2005, I began my first experimental works with the long-soaking and dehydration of nuts and seeds. This led to the establishment of 2die4 Live Foods in Byron Bay, out of which came the very first commercial range of activated nuts and seeds on the planet. Today it is a thriving business.

I left 2die4 Live Foods in 2010 to have more creative freedom, and to focus upon my writing, photography and my then true lovecraft, sloooow bread.

Since 2005, I have written 3 books:

1) “Whole don’t mean Wholesome – Lost & found: Our links with traditional foods, remedies, fermentation methods and the sloooow kitchen”

2) “All’s Fair in Life on Earth”

3) “A Sloooow Bread Gospel – according to Klob – The de-mystifying of gluten-intolerance and the celebration of wheat”

I have hosted many Sloooow Bread Playshops in the last 4 years, given several talks, and made hundreds of loaves of the finest bread, always improving, experimenting, with amazing, gratifying feedback continually being received and loved.

From 2008 onwards, lotsa kudos to, appreciation for, the incomparable gift of Abraham/Hicks. A true gift, yet also one that I asked for.

Yo, Esther and Jerry, and the crew.

So I moved into a new career of teaching the art of sloooow bread-making, as well as some assorted sidelines. How all this relates to my being, becoming a writer I have no idea.

I am not an easy writer. What I do know is that when writing comes and sorta prods and pushes me, it is impossible to not write, and I then get lost in it for hours.

Photography comes much easier.

As do singing, playing music, and dancing, doing nothing, and loving, like my daughters Amy and Erin, and my 92 year old mum.

And so to this book, surprisingly quickly written, to this connection with you, beloved readers, we fellow volunteers in this superb human experience.

May joy and freedom and a blissful ease be yours. Salute!

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