Thank you to Gaia Scene forum member, Gold.

I have always been good at saying thank you.

I have also been good at feeling gratitude for things given and words spoken, but I have never, until quite recently, been good at saying thank you.

And now you think that I am totally confused because the two sentences above are contradicting each other.

But I would like to claim that there is no contradiction in this case, just two different feelings underneath the words.

I have always been good at saying thank you when things have been given to me and I have always felt gratitude for those things that I have received.

What I have not been good at in the past, is to say loud and clear thank you when nice and loving words have been spoken to me. Even if I have, in these cases, felt a deep gratitude, it has been hard for me to feel worthy of what was given and thus hard for me to express my gratitude.

For me personally, a measurement of how worthy I feel in the moment is how easy or hard it is for me to say thank you for kind words and loving feelings that I receive.

You may wonder why I think worthiness is so important.

In my opinion, it is important to feel one’s own worthiness, because if I can’t feel this in myself then it can be hard for me to feel that others around me are worthy too. Another reason is that without feeling worthy it is hard to feel love for myself.

If I have issues feeling love for myself, then I will have issues feeling love towards others, because I can’t give out what I don’t own from within myself.

So how easy is it for you to say thank you and feel worthy today?

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