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We created this space especially to distribute and ground our gratitude into the foundations of Gaia Scenics’ View blog and to formally express that gratitude to those who have been supportive pillars of our Divine Space of Love. We have been deeply blessed in the building of this community, and we wish to name some of the loving co-creators who’ve contributed to its energy, seeding and development.

Thank You, Forum/Blog/Website Creators

AAM – First on our gratitude list is Archangel Michael.

Practically defying belief, it’s uncanny how many of us have come together for these forum/blog projects over the last five years with the feeling and knowing that this iconic archetypal Archangel Being sent us.

Our forum and our blog are set up intentionally with Divine Principles He’s given us to seed and ground into reality. These are 5th dimensional ways of communing and communicating with each other. At the core of these principles is how we find ways to commune and communicate harmlessly while honoring our great diversity.

It is with His immense energetic support that we go forth with our intentions to align with what is for the greater good of all, creating, as we go, transitional pathways into a new era on Earth as empowered human beings.

Andrea Scully- A forum/blog co-owner through all the different rebirths of what is now called Gaia Scene, Andrea is also currently serving as Executive Editor of Gaia Scenics’ View blog as well. Specializing in networking with the greater community outside of the forum, she is attentive to bringing beneficial interactions into play in light player communities, focusing on human empowerment.

Devapriya – Long-term forum moderator and co-owner of Gaia Scene forum and blog, Deva’s devotion to forum maintenance and oversight is our everyday blessing. As an integral part of building Gaia Scenics’ View blog, she’s also an editor and author on the blog. Her varied skills as a healer have been a great benefit to our community.

Alex Clark – Alex’s skill and experience in the technical aspects of website building and simply understanding of the lingo, has enhanced our ability to manage the challenges of presenting ourselves online. She’s a co-owner of  the forum/blog platforms, and an editor and author on Gaia Scenics’ View. Her knowledge of biology and her expertise as an energy reader is a powerful asset to community. She’s also stepped into the technical management for the blog as well.

Barry Kapp – Standing by and holding the space for both forum and blog, Barry has, consistently, from the very beginning, been a powerfully grounding force and an expression of the Divine Masculine principle in our creations, and in our maintenance too, over our entire platform as a co-owner. He’s a business owner of Wisdom of the Earth, a company that helps develop and distributes medical grade essential oils of the highest quality and intentional craftsmanship. They offer ways to use the mighty gifts of Gaia’s plant kingdom to help us.

John Wood – As our IT guru, John has been priceless with his suggestions and expertise in setting our web presence up with cutting-edge technical requirements, and in keeping us internet savvy and safe. He has earned our highest recommendations, and our gratitude too, for his genius in technical design consultation and trouble-shooting. Throughout this process, we’ve come to consider him as a part of our family. You can find him, and more about him at his website. [Alex Clark has stepped into this position as our blog technical manager.]

Lynne Ferrari – We’ve had the pleasure to work with Lynne on our Gaia Scene community forum build, and she’s the one who designed both our forum logo. One of the most amazing things about working with Lynne is the incredibly intuitive ability she has to bring to us what we need before we even know we need it. She’s a dream to work with. You can see some more of her work here at her online portfolio.

Peter Van Beek – One of our beloved forum members, Peter (Petrus) created our blog banner and forum logo, which we feel is a perfect reflection of our beautiful diversity, and how this is a part of the vibration we create as a together as a community. He’s a fabulous artist, and you may find some of his paintings here.

Susan Lacerra – Forum moderator and blog editor, Susan has also graced us with her expertise in building 5d business models and financial sustainability as our business consultant. Working with Sacred geometrical physics is right up our alley, as this is also our idea of how to create business models, so she’s been an immense asset to us and our founding efforts for this blog. As if this wasn’t enough, she’s our Twitter account genius too, and has built an amazing Twitter following for us. Find Susan’s personal blog here.

Thank you, Forum Moderators and Blog Editors/Maintenance Crew

Paul Newing – Beloved forum member, holding the space for our forum on the ‘other side of the clock’ as moderator based in China, Paul is wonderfully funny Britsh native who is raising his family in Asia.

Kathryn Davis – Kathryn is a blog editor and author. She is also is a meditation and movement teacher, spiritual doula and vibrational Healer. She is certified as a Qigong teacher and in Qigong healing techniques, Reiki Energy Healing as well as the Sandlin Technique, an Indigenous Energy Healing practice based on Vision Quest and Shamanic Insight. Kathryn is host and producer of Heart of Mind Radio on the Progressive Radio Network.

Dawn Bellamy – Dawn is our resident alternative news hound in Gaia Scene forum. She hunts out and posts the juiciest stuff she can find for our consideration. She also is a contributing author on Gaia Scenics’ View blog, delighting us with her wit, and stands by as assistant in the editing process on the back end before publishing.

Ed Love – As our Facebook social media curator, Ed has been keeping our face looking good on Facebook lovingly sharing our blog posts. Ed is a life coach, specializing in trauma clearing and PTSD.

Thank you, Contributing Authors From Gaia Scene Forum

Katrina Taylor 

Lorraine McGovern – Also a forum moderator.

Ron Kalvin 




Thank You to Those Who Give Love to Our Tip Jar!

Rounding up and grounding into reality this gratitude roll call, we’re grateful for all those who give us some monetary love, by sending some of their money elemental to us for platform maintenance! We love you too! Which is the essence of our drive to keep on creating and sharing with you. Thank you for your very real and crucial participation.


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