afterThe day after the US elections I woke up, over here in Germany, with a sense of huge relief. So much tension had built up over the past few weeks, all over the world, and suddenly it was gone.

I felt like being on another timeline.

Ok, let’s see what America voted for.

Trump. Ah. Interesting.

I flipped through the collective; Facebook, news sites, talks with some people, and felt fear strongly vibrating. The basic thought-form over here in Europe seems to be, “Alarm, alarm, a madman gets the nuclear codes”.

In the midst of this collective shock, I was completely happy. What’s that?

I’d been opposing this man before, viewed him as a useful tool to scratch on the establishment and disclose some things, but a danger for a president.

House Clean-Up

My instant thought, when seeing the election results was, ‘He’s going to clean up house, a bit or massively, and within one year he’ll be out’.

Then, I stumble upon his acceptance speech and I am stunned.

Heh? Who’s that guy?

That’s not the Mr. Trump I’ve seen before. At least not the one the media allowed me to see.

While listening to him speak of unity and the end of separation, I felt his heart, he was humbled. The thought arose in me that he’s the next one in line to be over-lighted (similar to the Pope and Putin), and he’s right in the middle of the process. Maybe St. Germain comes as a walk-in, their showmanships match each other. The Violet One is a grounding father of the USA, so this makes sense.

I also saw the little boy in him, who eventually proves to his late father and his family that he’s not a failure, that he’s made it, similar to G.W. Bush.

From this point of view, I’m not surprised that his young son had to stand next to him, for the whole world to see. Poor kid, standing in a position that belongs to his mother, the new First Lady.

Yes, there are issues, there’s lots to heal, which bears lots of potential for emotional decisions that don’t serve the people. It requires our love-consciousness as awakening beings to balance the fear that people perceive in Mr. Trump’s ego structure.

Holding the Light in the Midst of Fear

Throughout the day I communed with people, chunked down drama, eased fears, brought in a different point of view, made them aware of the blessings of the situation. Change is going to come now. It might not be comfortable, but it’s necessary for our planetary evolution.

You fear war? Relax, that was Clinton’s game. Trump is going to make friends with Russia. Gone are the days when Putin is portrayed as the demon.

You fear minority rights to be taken away? You are a divine sovereign being, progress that you already live cannot be taken without your consent.

You fear he’ll be a dictator? Again, a dictator needs our consent. Whomever governs, when our inner government is functional, when we take care of ourselfves in full self-responsibility, there’s nothing to fear. No dictator’s ever going to govern over me. Period.

The grassroots movement which Bernie Sanders initiated is not going to die after this election. People are waking up, they won’t go to sleep again.

One Man

This is only one man. Not the most powerful man in the world, there are many silent ranks above the American presidency. One man in the western world of 2016 – this is not 1933, consciousness has grown too much for something like that to repeat – cannot suppress an entire nation of awakening people.

No matter whether Donald Trump is going to perform his presidency from an over-lighted consciousness or from ego trips, it’ll serve people’s awakening.

The worst case scenario that I can imagine, he’ll do some crazy stuff, be quickly opposed and kicked out of office.

The best case scenario would be the restoration of the US Republic, NESARA/GESARA, financial reform, and the empowerment of the people.

And, we all know, most of the best ideas cannot get through this Congress. Obama proved it again and again, so why should the worst?

The Trump he showed during the campaign looked to me like a mirror of the old patriarch separating ego-mind that has to leave the planet now; it cannot exist any longer in the high frequencies we’re moving in.

But hey, is he good at it, disgustingly good! He excited the people, agitated them, mobilized them in a way that they went voting for him. While over here people compared him to Hitler, I rather saw Goebbels in him, the populist demagogue who talked people into rage. And he got them raging.

Only later this day did I learn that the public vote was for Clinton; but the old-fashioned electoral systems that prevents real democracy brings this anti-establishment guy now into office. How hilarious is that?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not of the opinion that Mr. Trump is not part of the establishment, even if he’s about to crash it. From my point of view, he belongs to another arm of the elite; those who know that planetary awakening cannot be stopped, and who want to comply as long as they get out of it in very good shape.

Consciousness Trumps All

Bottom-line for me is now that we, the people, light pillars all over the planet, meditators, creators, divine humans, hold the space of love-consciousness.  We balance the fear and the negative thought-forms that are vibrating in the collective, hyped up by mainstream media, so the transition can be calm and peaceful.

This is what America voted, so let us look for the blessings in it. Give the new President a chance to do what he’s come to do, and prevent what’s not in alignment with Universal Principles; his walking the path might be different to his talking about it.  We might be in for a few surprises.

May Mr. Trump get the perfect stuff to sail Washington’s shark basin and provide the service he needs for the job, and may he be open to inner guidance from up high. I wish him all the best.

(And I can’t help it but envision him at the end of 2017 happily retired^^…)

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