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Feeling the Current Energies

Dear Friends,

I had been working with photos yesterday, and I have been keeping up on the news, and I have been feeling ‘something coming’.

Two days ago, I was overcome with the sense of a huge impending energy arriving.  I don’t know what these feelings mean, and rather than attempt to put analysis around something that is a knowing, I prefer to let it be, and just know what I sense is true for me.

What I needed in those moments yesterday was reassurance.  What I wanted was connection; that kind of Soul connection that feels warm like the sun and silky smooth like honey.  I was working at my computer talking with a friend as we worked together to review some challenging energies.  And the feel and pull of desiring this sense of connection came over me so strongly.

I jumped up, and ran outside, and looked at the sun. It was an interesting weather day as it had been fogged in here, then it rained, then the sky was clearing, all in a short number of hours.  I looked to my left, and saw a mystery.

My friend and I had been reviewing photos of clouds that appeared to the guest photographer as ‘a mirage’ with their naked eyes.  Now, straight out over a hill beside the bay, was a cloud that had that ‘mirage’ like quality, right before me.

So I took these photos – the mirage cloud is on the left in the photograph; it appears to be above the hill in the photograph, but I feel it is actually over the bay, and it has a curved shape visible at it’s top.

The other interesting thing about this ‘mirage’ cloud – all smokey and blurry looking – is that it seems to be reaching or moving towards the ocean (the ocean is beyond these hills in the photo by about six miles).

But, clouds tend to move from the ocean inland, with the breezes coming off of the ocean, not the other way…

Here is a close up of the ‘mirage’ cloud:

What Color Edits Can Reveal

I have begun to adjust color edits on some of my photos, because I found that they can reveal presences hiding behind the clouds.  I first noticed this when I wrote the Bell Shaped UFO post; this was a UFO that was visible with the eyes, but the color edits really popped it in the photo (see the ‘Photographs video on my About page, at 16:10 – 16 minutes 10 seconds).

Then, when I filmed triangle ships out over the ocean here on September 11, 2018, I was able to make these clearer in still shots using the color edits, also.

I should note that when I adjust the color editing on photos, the sky does not always come through as blue – yesterday I was working with one that came out a dark green, and that was part of my unsettled feeling, but that was of the sky over New York City and the day that the photo I reviewed was taken, NYC had a particularly dense feeling presence in it’s sky.  And it did reveal some interesting energies to use this technique on the NYC photograph.

So, this is why I began using this technique.

Well, after taking the mirage cloud photo yesterday, I immediately ran to the computer and started looking at the photograph, including doing some color editing to see what this would reveal about what might be within the mirage cloud.

Unveiling the Presence of a Perfect Saucer Shape Lightship UFO

But when I saw this image, it practically took my breath away.  The perfect saucer shape was stunning to me.  And the colors of the blue…. simply breathtaking.

The color edits  also reveal energies moving between the Lightship UFO, upwards at an angle to the right, in a couple of long rays of shades of blue color.  This direction is towards the position of the sun in the sky at that time.

It appears to be interdimensionally working with energies, between the land and the sun, between the water and the sun and the land.  And those energies felt awesome to me.

An Amazing Feeling of Connection and Confirmation

When I saw the saucer-shaped Lightship UFO, and the amazing blue colors through the photo edits, my heart lifted and I felt amazing joy and love.

What I felt, was confirmation inside, like ‘Yes! I’ve got this’.

What I felt was connection, like ‘We are so close to you’.

What I felt was reassurance, like ‘We are doing our job, also.’

What I felt was joy and happiness to see star family, all dressed up in gorgeousness for this photo.

And I thought, ‘Thanks, guys!!’

Thanks for the love, and thank you for showing yourselves!  We humans need physical, visual confirmation sometimes.  This is an integral aspect of the physical word, and it is a part of living life as a human being.

And accepting my need and my desire for physical confirmation, albeit it cloud form, lol, is a way of accepting my own humanness.

It is seeing my love in physical form.

Love, Solaris

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