evolution-of-technologyRecently, we had a juicy discussion on the Gaia Scene Community Forum about shifts in memory and the current energies, and I was immediately drawn to discuss the evolution of technology, and the fact that our brains, and how they function, have basically stayed the same over the expanse of known human history.

According to published science, little has changed in the brain since the Homo sapiens species came into being, but we are huge-brained creatures when compared to other species. In fact, our brain volume is double that of other primates of comparative body size.

What has changed, of course, is the way in which Homo sapiens live and gather information on planet.

The original species life expression involved small interbreeding groups with the joint rearing of young. This is the life expression that our brains were created for, and why many have extreme difficulty emotionally processing the non-stop, international stream of incoming information.  We were built to survive and thrive, supporting our clan, and not to take the weight of the world on our shoulders.

This primitive species expression shifted extensively with the introduction of animal husbandry, agriculture and eventually religion and cultural installation.  The original species expression has effectively disappeared from planet.

Much has changed in the way we live as a species, with communication and information exchange being the areas of most significant alteration. Taking a brief journey back in history to review the storage of cultural energy and transmission of information over the years clearly demonstrates this.

First, in the early dawn of mammalian existence we had instinct, just as every other species did. We had all the innate knowledge we needed to survive in our environment. It came pre-programmed into our genes.

As we grouped together and formed communities, survival skills and tool making were passed down via songs and story-telling. Most indigenous tribes have no written language or history, but a rich aural and musical tradition.  Clan members learned through repetitive listening and remembering of knowledge was triggered by familiar tones and word strings.

It is interesting to note that information transmission of this sort is not only the purview of humans. Other animal species also pass down the use of tools and specific survival techniques that are unique to their individual communities, such as hunting skills, to their young through repetitive action which is similar to the memorization of group stories.

Specialized information was segmented off and handed into the care of devoted individuals within the community. They stored seasonal information about their environment and healing practices in the brain and body of the shaman/medicine person and that was passed down by apprenticeship.

We then took a giant leap with written language, but the information was heavily guarded. Few in a community could read or write for centuries, as this advancement in human information storage and transmission held great power.

Things stayed pretty much the same, with small groups of very powerful humans having access to information and technology, for a very long period of time. Then came the printing press and the dissemination of information took another quantum leap.

Centers of learning in ways other than apprenticeship sprang up. Most doctors before 100 odd years ago didn’t even go to medical school but learned practical medicine from their fathers, just like apprentices. The idea of learning how to do something or becoming a scholarly expert at it through the use of the written word was a huge shift.

While many other advances occurred in all areas of human culture, the industrial age shot humanity out of a cannon, with electricity acting as the fuse. Fast forward to radio-television-recording-video.

Do you all see the quantum leaps that allowed humans to INTAKE INFORMATION? Oh, the blessed library and the card catalog. Oh the vinyl records and VHS tapes and digital recorders! Wow, the Walkman and the iPod and the CD…

All these things were about information storage and intake. Put it into the brain, because information is a valuable commodity and it took quite a bit of energy to obtain the information. Think of the research librarian of old, for us more mature beings. Remember term papers and index cards? You kids have no idea!

In 1992, I was working at a company that had an interoffice computer system based on the Apple Macintosh. The first computer I had ever seen was a college biology department mainframe the size of a tennis court hooked up to an IBM Selectric typewriter. Does anyone remember taking courses to learn computer data key punch or BASIC or Word Processing or FORTRAN in college? I went to college with a portable electric typewriter. My brother, four years my junior, graduated college with a PC.

It makes me giggle now when I remember how advanced it all seemed: IBM, Xerox Graphic Design, Digital Equipment, Wang Computers and MCI mail, which was the first US email client in existence, for those who weren’t born yet.

When I was retiring from the advertising industry, as my daughter was one year old and I wanted very much to stay home, the internet got turned on to the public, which was around 1994.  We had fax machines at that time and pages could be transmitted at a rate of about a minute per page.

MCI mail and AOL and Prodigy were just coming online as a customer-to-customer communications interface as email was internal up to that point.  Our company was cutting edge and international, and we were allotted five 1 hour portals to the internet a day. Period. You had to sign up for it, and there was seriously nothing to see on it,

Dial up, who remembers that sound? “WEEE  WEEERRRR EEEERRRR….” Block text font, black screen, blue or green flashing text, glowing dash cursor, run program. The birth of the mouse made huge advances and then we saw a white screen with black text, variable fonts and small, digitally drawn black and white pictures which eventually included 12bit color. No sound. No photographs. No video.  It was mind-blowing at the time.

Then came chat groups and the birth of the modern day internet forum, AOL, and almost instantaneous communication. True, page loads took over 30 seconds on a good night and often the dial up lines were busy, but we had patience. We had to. It was all we knew and it was amazing.

That was in 1999, folks. That was my first home computer. It was state of the art and had less storage space than my first generation iPod Shuffle that is smaller than half my pinky and holds 300 songs.

I had internet access via dial up AOL and it was an expensive luxury. Libraries had new computer labs and you could sign up for email accounts and time online at that point. They just discontinued our email local-net addresses this year at the public library.

My communication and information world opened up wide then. I began to interact with my first online forum in the music area and made some amazing friends all over the world. I sound like I am talking about an ancient time. It was only 16 years ago.

The explosion started with the personal computer, bigger storage, faster processors, faster internet, digital cable, satellite. Gone from view are the card catalogs of yesterday and the key punch data cards and memory tape of the ancient behemoth computers that were the genesis of this new age. How many go to the research librarian today and she actually pulls a book for you?

The shift in technology set up a shift from the need for necessary brain storage to instant access of information. Arguments are ended when someone says, “Google it.” Of course, discernment and using proper search terms are important, but this explosion of technology, speed and interconnected information is not just about information.

It is about the fact that the human brain cannot store all the information it needs to know to shift into higher perspective and higher dimensional ways of being. All along data has been stored, true data, in the Akashic records. The Cloud is a human approximation of the Akash, with all information available at the touch of a button or a spoken request. It pales in comparison to the eternally vast and detailed information that the Universe effectively stores, tracing the minute and detailed history of its creation.

The internet, created, gifted, who knows at this point, was simply the first step in accessing unlimited streams of information and feeling safe and comfortable in knowing, at any time that the information could be retrieved.

Right now we connect to this digital approximation of the Akash with wires (they are aptly called Ethernet cables for a reason), IP addresses and recently, through wireless networks. We are practicing for the perfect time in the divinely unfolding future when we will connect directly to the Universal storage and all knowledge will be available to us. Some do it clairvoyantly already, we can and will all be able to do this eventually.

That the brain would be invited to slow down and stop the chatter is not lost on me. The brain has a significant portion of itself that shows no activity, just like a significant portion of our DNA seems like junk. None of this physical matter of the human construct is there for no reason, as this is not the way nature works. Everything has a reason. Humans have just not yet discovered what that reason is.

Is there anyone who doubts that eventually the brain will upgrade from a storage, background process and difference engine into something more? When it all turns on, and it will, the last process the brain will want to be doing is placing things in linear order and typing them into the data base manually. It will no longer serve a purpose, and as with all past actions and creations that have out lived their time, it will fade from existence and evolve into something more.

As we move into instant access of information from this earth and all its timelines, and we get used to retrieving information when we need it and releasing it when the need is done, like some disposable key card for a hotel room we stay in for a night and leave the next day, I intuit we will then be given access to new skills, new ways of thinking and information from other dimensions, galactic races, universes. It’s not like we haven’t made these jumps before, as our review of the evolution of technology illustrates richly.

I believe shifting into the higher perspective is about broadening our view certainly, but we won’t necessarily be learning more of the same. The biology of the parts of the human brain that are active at the present time require a linear progression of events and an action, reaction physical set up.

Many are already expressing the feelings of being outside of linear time with the increasing energies, and if this is a glimpse of things to come, then why wouldn’t the miraculously adaptable brain adapt to this new territory?

I welcome this shift into more, and I release the need to hold on to what no longer serves me as a being. It is, in fact, happening perfectly, and as beloved children of the Universe, we are being supported through this passage and prepared to receive all the information in the Universe, which has simply been awaiting our transformation. No technology necessary!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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