gameWelcome Player to the Game of Life. Play your way through many levels winning points to attain higher levels whilst wrong decisions can send you plummeting back down.

Tasks will be allocated and your handling of the elements of the task will determine which direction you travel in, including sideways.

Please sign in and commence to play ‘The Game of Life’.

It’s dark wet and warm, you feel squashed and suddenly you feel jettisoned into bright bright lights and it hurts. You have commenced Level One and your journey has begun.

Your Task in Level One is choice, to breathe or not to breathe. Explain the ramifications of each option: A) you choose not to breathe, B) you take a deep breath.

Results: A) return to start, B) go to level 2, congratulations you have advanced and you or your parents receive  a certificate proving you arrived. You win 50 points in the Game of Life.

Level 2

Task, you are the only child age 6 and are told that you are going to have a brother or sister. Your reaction is: A) Shock, your place may be usurped B) you feel joy, everyone else in your class at school has a sibling  C) wait to see what it’s like.

What is your immediate response A, B or C ? What effect it will this have on future levels of the Game of Life? At this point, there is no reduction in levels and although you have won another 50 points, your future level decisions may send you back to a lower Level. At this point, you may move on to Level 3.

Level 3

At this level, you have completed your secondary education and also the family has grown to include a brother and sister. The scene for this level is as follows: one of your siblings is physically handicapped and requires expensive medication.

Your task at this level is to determine which direction you take: A) leave school, find work to immediately help your family, or B) continue with your education to enable a more financially beneficial response to aid your family in the future, C) look after yourself and your future. only give moral support to your family.

You have not yet reached  Level 4, keep trying to win the Game of Life. care fully consider Level 3.

Level 4

If you opted to go to university, then  your task is to determine which path you wish to follow: A) dedicated student, B) party and great fun life student,  C) drug and alcohol user helping yourself to items that will enable this lifestyle.

If you choose A) you will struggle to meet financial obligations, and you get a part time job. Your bills are paid and text books come from the university library. You try diligently to be the best you can be and score 75 points.

B) Party going is expensive and you are forced to couch surf, not able to afford accommodation. You may loose sight of your human reason for attending university. You blew it, stay at this level.

C) May be a dead end street if you do not awake to your situation, you have a choice: 1) to clean up and study, or 2) go deeper into drugs and alcohol. Choice 2) may take you out of the Game of Life permanently. Choice 1) will see you with honours and a successful career, you have won this Level and gained 100 points.

Level 5

You have become a successful professional with a masters degree and as a researcher you enjoy a reputation for integrity and diligence,

Your tasks for level 5

The sibling mentioned in an earlier level has deteriorated physically and is in severe pain with a terminal disease, do you A) assist and campaign to terminate your siblings severe suffering, or B) do you try to maintain life at all costs, C) walk away, the ethical problem is too big for you to handle, you continue research.

Level 6

Your sibling has transitioned. You have married and now have 2 children, one of which has just told you and your partner that they want gender re-assignment, Your response is A) completely negative and unsupportive,  B) frightened for your career and reputation, neighbours and rumors, C) family discussion resolve to stand together and research best case solutions.

Think through your responses and carefully explain to yourself why you feel A, B or C fits for you.

Level 7

You are approaching retirement and your family now includes grandchildren. You and your partner embrace an alternate lifestyle, dietary changes and the spiritual values are noticeably different.

A) do you shout to the world, we are not alone?  b) do you feel you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, or C) do you read voraciously and let someone else step outside the box?

Level 8

You are preparing to Transition: are you, A)  frightened and distressed, B) worried that you haven’t gotten everything ‘done’ and your children may suffer unnecessary hardship, C) eager to rejoin your partner who transitioned several months earlier?

This is the last level and as you transition through the light you are amazed at the number of furred, feathered, scaled and loved ones are cheering you home. The gentleness of the light is so different to Level 1, and you know that you have done your best and are home.

An Angel with a clipboard invites you to debrief, and gently asks, Would you like to play again?


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