giftsGaia offers many gifts to her children. These children come in many shapes and sizes wearing a multitude of outer wraps and shapes. As do the gifts.

We are not alone,we have a myriad of relatives all of whom have the capacity for giving and receiving love.

Some gifts are fleeting, a child’s laugh, the sounds of wind in the trees, the gentle shhhussss of the waves on a sandy shore.

More substantial is a walk in the Forest, Fir, Oak, Hardwood, softwood. All have a difference feel and atmosphere, quietly contemplative or full of birdsong, crashing of large animals and myriad notes of the insects. The joy of creatures at home, and you are invited to share with all the rights and privileges of a full family member.

A sunrise , pinks, blues, cloud-rimmed and amazingly clean, dew on the grass, cows and horses with wet muzzles from breakfast grazing, a small bee scurrying home with a cargo of pollen wrapped around it’s back legs ready to dance on the hive’s front porch.

Black roiling thunder heads splatting raindrops with an audible plop on dusty dry farmland, desperate for water. Don’t forget the smell of the rain settling the dust who ‘da thought
ozone could be such a joy filled odour.

On the topic of water, seas are a living library of specially adapted denizens on all levels of the oceans and rivers. Some seas contain towns, cities and entities that the best we did was to deny their existence. Gaia laughs and sends more gifts.

Gaia gifts us with people of all shades and sizes, speaking a number of languages and dialects, all with the same smile and the crinkle in the corner of their eyes when they allow themselves to love.

The greatest gift is Gaia herself. As Gaia prepares herself for the next phase in all our growth, we notice her changing her surface shape with volcanoes, and Gaiaquakes. We should not fear or worry for Gaia bears no malice towards humanity and despite our history, Gaia continues to shower priceless gifts on all of us.

Thank you, Gaia, know that you are loved right back!

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