A green sky in San Diego?

Yes, this is what our guest photographer saw one day this past fall of 2016.  Our guest photographer today, Linda C, and her unedited photo (except the addition of copyright and website) that I’ve titled “the Green Sky” has been consistently popular on the Solaris Modalis blog since it’s posting.

The green sky was the first unusual aspect of this photo, because this photo was taken in San Diego, CA, a place where you usually do not see the northern lights.

The second interesting aspect was the heaviness of the energies in the photo, which mirror what I experienced in northern California in early November.

I feel that the heavy energies in the sky in early to mid-November reflected a dense layer of energies in our atmosphere that was/is squeezed between two higher frequency layers at that time – one rising from within the planet, and one pouring in from the cosmos as higher frequency photonic light.

Triangles in the Sky

However, looking further at the photo, you can see an interesting triangle-shaped cloud that has a different patterning and texture than the other clouds in the image.  This small triangle form is at the 3:00 to 4:00 o’clock position of the sun, touching the edge of the image of the sun in this photo.

There is also an upside-down reverse triangle impression in the cloud layer in front of the sun image, between 6:00 and 7:00 o’clock.  Could that be a reverse image shadow of the triangle cloud?  There is another right side up triangle shadow to the right of this one, starting at the 5:00 o’clock position.

What’s that Very Visible Orb?

Regarding the circle with two rows of oval color around it that is between the sun and the water, I have found this shape in many, many photographs.  It changes with the intensity and quality of the light emitted by the sun.

I feel that this is not a UFO, but I feel it is an image of cosmic phenomena that we will one day better understand… it is about our true relationship with the sun and will result in a better understanding of our place in the solar system.

All very interesting….

Linda C’s Experience

This is the picture from [my San Diego] weekend. I went to the beach during the Saturday break and took a picture of the sun.  I didn’t even check it out until later in the day. Pretty cool.

There is no editing of the photo, in fact, I took the photo with an inexpensive older phone.

A lady that I didn’t know was sitting next to me during the [conference] event, she asked me if I would like to go to the beach with her at lunch time. Surprisingly, I knew that I was meant to go with her, I didn’t know why.  (Also, when I first arrived at the event, I knew that I was meant to sit next to her.  Another interesting thing, I don’t normally just jump in the car with someone I have known for a short amount of time.)

So, we are sitting on the beach and I have a knowing that I am meant to take a picture of the sun, I took a few pictures, put the phone away and pretty much forgot about it until later in the day.

I took several photos of the sun later in the week, and I can see the same energy in the later photos, though the colors are not as intense, but it is there.  

~ Linda C

Thanks so much Linda <3 for sharing your photo, your commentary and your experience.

I am thinking of doing some video where we discuss different photographs of the sky and sun and their energies.  If you are interested in this or have some photos to share, please message me through the contact form.



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