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How to Use Empowerment to Vanquish Evil and to Heal the Trauma of Children

How do we use our own empowerment to assist the children who are suffering? You can do so even if you do not work in a field directly involved in tackling these issues.

The trauma children endure has come to light in recent months and years, as awareness and the light of attention and of truth shine on many negative and even dark aspects of baby, child and youth trauma that too many in the American population have endured and are enduring.

The revelations through news stories and social media, that this trauma even exists, in my view, has caused massive triggering in our population.

You can empower yourself by healing yourself, strengthening yourself, and acting in the world as an empowered and God-powered individual.

I believe that we help heal and prevent these activities by healing and strengthening ourselves, one by one, person by person.

I believe that when we heal ourselves, and make ourselves into stronger individuals, in doing so we improve our own lives, our communities, and our country.

When we improve our own life, by energy, association and role-modeling, we help empower the lives of our family and friends, our neighbors and our community, by standing firm and facing the darkness without, and within.

empowerment through healing the shadow personality, shadow, pain, drama, trauma, saying no, triggering, inner child, human empowerment, shadow work, healing within, lack of love, inspiration, spirituality, zero point, human energy field, unconditional loveSeeing the Pain and the Trauma of Children is Hard to Take

I feel that this information causes people’s own childhood traumas to be triggered in a huge way. Some of these traumas are buried so deep that it takes tragedy of this magnitude for people to feel, again.

Hard as it is to believe, if you don’t experience it, many people cannot feel love in their hearts. I know because after years in a hard charging career, this was me.

At some point, I realized that I could only feel anger and fear. It took dedicated time and attention to shift, to change, and to open my heart again.

But first I had to realize there was even a problem.

The cracking open of awareness and of past pain that people are experiencing, and that we see happening in friends and family, in our country and communities, in private and now in the public arena, ultimately will support a huge shift forward.

Hopefully this shift will come with greater personal empowerment, as strong and healed individuals create strong and healthy communities.

Every one of us matters. Those who have healed from traumatic experiences, who support and stand up for standards and the law protecting children, and who lead in our communities at all levels, who are are friends and our neighbors; All of us create a healthy and strong society, together.

But awareness comes first, and then, acceptance of what has happened.

Choosing Human Empowerment When Faced With Evil

I hope that the people who have been so upset, and rightly so, continue because there is so much more to speak out on. And these issues should not be partisan; a political focus tears us apart and takes attention off key issues, leaving them unsolved in the political fight.

The issues here are about evil versus good, the darkness versus the light, doing the right thing versus doing wrong – but ultimately and on an individual level, what we have control over is the shadow aspect of our own selves.

But first, we have to find that shadow and touch it.

A shadow cannot be seen in the darkness. Our own ‘shadow self’ – our wounded and traumatized aspects – cannot be seen without shining at least a little light into our own lives.

The dark forces on this planet aim to use vulnerable children against us to achieve their own aims – traumatizing the children and in showing us this active trauma, re-traumatizes the population.

But, we can take back our power. We can take it back by changing the laws, yes.

It is my view that the most lasting effect we can have in our own lives and those around us to to take back our own personal, individual empowerment in the face of any evil in the world, by facing our own darkness and pain, within.

Making it Personal

Ultimately we take back our power one by one, saying, “No. I do not agree.”

We take back our power by touching our own truth that is reflected back to us in the light of current events.

We can love the spiritual ‘wounded child’, within, and all that he or she feels and embodies. We can, from the Divinity within our heart center, send unconditional love to any evil that faces us.

Evil withers, deconstructs, and disintegrates in the face of the power of the Divine and the energy of love. This is why ‘God wins.’

These acts that we can do reclaim our personal power. Acting to care for ourselves, and to stand firm in the face of evil, reconnects us with God in a leveled-up way, and pours God’s love and will through our body and being, revitalizing us from the Soul level.

Building Inner Strength Through Self Empowerment

Here is the subtlety – the unconditional love that is sent to an energy or entity facing us, is about us, not about them. Whether that evil is present within a person, place or thing, whether it is physical or non-physical, makes no difference.

Ultimately, standing firm benefits us, in our own lives, in a very deep way, because it strengthens our connection with God. It strengthens our connection with who we really are; a Soul incarnated into Human form.

Facing evil without denying what it is, is about my love for myself, unconditionally. I show this love to the darkness, and the darkness cannot stand.

This is being at zero point in my own being – in the face of darkness, dark acts, dark intentions and dark activities. In this state of neutral, I accept the truth of ‘what is’.

There is no room in this action for altruism or judgement, for bargaining or negotiation.

There is simply embodying the Light that you are, in a neutral energetic, at ‘zero point‘, and being this fully in the Now moment.

All that is evil crumbles in the face of my own unconditional love for myself. This love for myself becomes like a shield of the Soul, and protects us energetically from all that is not of one’s pure Source essence.

This is why some people talk about ‘being covered’ in the Light – it is this same dynamic at play. You are covered in the Light because you love yourself enough to accept this from God, essentially.

This is because unconditional love always comes from the Divinity, within. It always shines from the Light that is within us, emanating from our heart center.

Claiming Back Our Power

From this place of self empowerment, I can make a new choice in my life – one that can also effect the lives of others.

Awakening, expanding consciousness, loving the self, healing within – all this occurs over and over again, meeting a new aspect of our own shadow in each triggering event.

This is how we will heal our world. We see what needs to be healed outside. We address this.

Ultimately, the solutions we create will hold and will be in the highest good of all as we take the time and we claim the personal responsibility to heal our own selves, from within.

“Adults who have taken the time and opportunity to heal themselves and to tend to the wounded child withinare most able to create healing, loving, lasting and caring solutions for children and for their community.”

~ Susan Lacerra

This is the empowerment of creating from the opportunity to recognize our own shadow aspects, and then heal them, within.

This is living from the zero point aspect of the human energy field.

This is true heart centeredness; loving ourselves and caring for ourselves as an important, worthy and deserving individual in the eyes of the Creator – no matter what we have done and no matter what was done to us.

Powered within by the Light of God, we face the shadow in ourselves, and heal, and we face the evil in the world, and it cannot stand.

Acting from Faith and Trust in the Present Moment

Then, in the present moment, we get to decide what we do next, and how best to express ourselves in the world now.

Having stood firm, we strengthen ourselves, but we also strengthen our communities, and this strengthens our country.

Having done the challenging work to look within and to face the darkness, we get to choose a new life for ourselves.

We get to say “this is what I will create, Now, in the present moment.”

We get the self satisfaction of a better relationship with God, and the joy of living and creating a better life.

~Susan V Lacerra

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