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Seeing the Pain and the Trauma is Hard to Take

There is massive triggering going on right now of our population – and I believe that this is intentional. People’s childhood trauma are being triggered in a huge way – I know for me that has been true. Some of these traumas are buried so deep that it takes tragedy of this magnitude for these people to FEEL again.

Hard as it is to believe if you don’t experience this, many people cannot feel LOVE in their hearts. I know because after years in investment banking this was me. I could only feel anger and fear. It took dedicated time and attention to shift and to change and to open my heart. But first I had to realize there was even a problem.

My feeling on all of this is that the cracking open people are experiencing and that we see happening in friends and family, and in more public figures all around us, ultimately will support a huge shift forward.

Choosing Human Empowerment When Faced With Evil

I hope that the people who have been so upset, and rightly so, continue because there is so much more to speak out on. And it is not partisan – this focus tears us apart.

It is about evil versus good, dark versus light – but ultimately what we have control over is the shadow aspect of our own selves. But first we have to find that shadow and touch it.

A shadow cannot be seen in the darkness. Our own shadow self – our wounded and traumatized aspects – cannot be seen without the shining of at least a little light into our own lives.

The dark forces on this planet aim to use vulnerable children against us to achieve their own aims – traumatizing the children and in showing us this active trauma, to re-traumatize ourselves. But we can take back our power. We can take it back by changing the laws, yes.

It is my view that the most lasting effect we can have in our own lives and those around us to to take back our own personal, individual empowerment in the face of darkness without, by facing our own darkness, within.

Making it Personal

Ultimately we take back our power one by one, saying, “No. I do not agree.” We take back our power by touching our own truth that is reflected back to us in the light of current events. Loving on the wounded child within, and from heart center, sending unconditional love to what faces usis what reclaims our personal power.

Here is the subtlety – that unconditional love that is sent to what is facing us is about US, not THEM. It is my love for myself, unconditionally. I show it to the darkness, and the darkness cannot stand. This is holding the zero point – for my own self – in the face of darkness, dark acts, dark intentions and dark activities.

All that is evil crumbles in the face of my own unconditional love for myself. This is because unconditional love always comes from the Divinity within. It always shines from the Light that is within us, in our heart.

From this place of self empowerment, I can make a new choice in my life – one that can also effect the lives of others.

Awakening, expanding consciousness, loving the self, healing within – all this occurs as we do this process over and over again, meeting a new aspect of shadow in each triggering event.

Claiming Back Our Power

This is how we will heal our world. We see what needs to be healed outside. We address this. And ultimately, the solutions we create will hold and will be in the highest good of all as we take the time and we claim the personal responsibility to heal our own selves, from within. Let me rephrase this:

Adults who have taken the time and opportunity to heal themselves and to tend to the wounded child within are most able to create healing, loving, lasting and caring solutions for children and for their community.

This is the empowerment of creating from a state of touching our own shadow and healing within. This is living from the zero point aspect of the human energy field – this is true heart centeredness.

And then, in the moment, we get to stand for ourselves and say “This is what I will create, Now.”

~Susan V Lacerra


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