Integration, Soul, Heaven and Earth, Ascension and DescensionWhat Learning Discernment has Done For Me

Discernment has been key for me to integrate all of my energy and all of my experiences.  It has been key to personal growth, for me, and to understanding how to claim my space, and how to clear my energy field.

Discernment has also been key for understanding what to allow in my energy field and my personal space – because part of “getting clear” is also receiving back the essence of who we are, that we have left in various places, projects, and even other incarnations.

Discernment has been key, also, in integrating my shadow side – the parts of ourselves we have judged, we have pushed away.  We need these to fully integrate all of our energy, to fully be all of who we are.

Learning Discernment Has Had Huge Benefits

Learning discernment, practicing over and over, both with energy and with real world choices, has created huge benefits in my life:

  • In my personal growth process, so that I could understand which energy within me to intend for transmutation
  • In working with and observing my energy compared with the energy of others, and understanding what is from me, and what is from another person
  • In learning to manage both my personal energy space, and my energy field
  • In learning to integrate, and receive back, my essence – including new parts of my Soul aspects that are integrating in to my body and energy field
  • In learning to integrate my shadow sides and actions – roles I’ve played, or things I did, and then, I pushed these away by judging my self and my activities in any way
  • In learning to recognize Soul energies I had left in past lifetimes, and then access and integrate these Soul parts

Playing with Energy, Soul, Integration, Personal Energy Management, Energy FieldPlaying With Energy

Discernment allows me to integrate all my energy, while maintaining my personal sovereignty as a Soul incarnated as a human being.

The energy actually moves through me – what is of my essence integrates, what is not necessary transmutes to a neutral state, like recycling.

Now, from it’s neutral state, this energy is not imprinted with any qualities besides my essence.  It becomes integrated into my energy field.  And, it is available for my re-use, if I desire.

If this energy is from a past life, these memories are always available to me. I do not have to carry them activity – my spirit makes them available to me in the moment it is important for me to remember.

Integration is where I’m at – it is the return to wholeness.

Integrating All of Who We Are

I practiced this integration in real time, by accident, recently.

I was wanting something I knew wasn’t really available to me at this time. I couldn’t help my feelings.  At first, I pushed the feelings away – and then they magnified. Then, I let myself feel these powerful feelings, even though my mind was at first judging – I let it be okay to feel something my mind told me was wrong or not okay.

I let the full feelings be okay, let my body, my emotions, my mind, my spirit, have the experience, for as long as it lasted – a few minutes.  And, I experienced this with the following intention – that I only wish to create what is in my highest good in alignment with my inner guidance – and that these thoughts and emotions were to be felt, and that my intention in the moment was not creation, but experience and integration.

Suddenly – it was the afternoon and I noticed the complete absence of the energy. Integration had occurred!!  I felt more complete, and I felt accepted and loved. The source of that acceptance and love?  That was me!

The magnetic pull of the feelings was gone – the feelings themselves had been fully integrated in to who I am; what was not in highest good, transmuted by my Higher Self, and made available to me as free energy in my field.  No wonder I felt so good!

I figured out the formula!! Whoot!!

Discernment is the Root of Personal Energy Management

The trick was learning and discerning what was mine – discerning what energies to allow to move through me, because this is appropriate!!

This tool of discernment has been oh, so important to develop. It is priceless and worth every effort it took to do so, every experience that honed my movement into clarity.

To do this, I also developed a practice of learning to assess the energy in my body (our physical bodies are made of particles of energy), and to assess the energy in my energy field (the heart and chakras emit a field that surrounds the physical body).  I also learned how to disconnect cords, those connected in, and those I had connected outside of me.  These are the basics of Personal Energy Management, or Energy Field Management.

Cern – What the Root Meaning of this Word Tells Us About Discernment

With my interest in physics, every time I see the word discernment I think of the CERN facility.  Interesting choice of name for a group looking for the God particle!

The root “cern” has these meanings from old Irish, according to Wiktionary: angle, corner, recess – and – dish, receptacle, drum shaped vessel.

The meaning of cern thus contains the whole – that structure of creation, and the emptiness of the receptacle. The male and the female. The form and the formless. As one.  In wholeness.

Discernment, then, allows us to know what is our wholeness – and what is not – what is of our unique set of Source frequencies, and what is a part, all of equal value, of the rest of creation.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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