The Shift

How I see things is changing
like the shorelines of the sea
the lines and outlines are blurring
on maps designed to fool me

Serve or fool me, what’s the difference?
intents of maps are what they are
As I transverse the path I’ve taken
they take me only so far

Beyond these constructs lies the truth
of whatever I may discern
Is real from my true position
this is my up to me to learn

May I lay me down
on the pathway home
and understand my body,
my path is my own

And may I lay me down,
lay down my will to know
so I may be the vessel
so I may be the Flow

We’re the ones who are here
to play out the play of the ages
We’re the ones who throw our hearts
on the pyre as it rages

We’re the ones to tread
upon the path of light
We tread the path of pain,
of bliss, of might

We stand among the ones
that tread the pathway home
and find the path we tread
is made of gold, is made of gold

The golden-hearted ones
the hearts on fire we bring
we lay our bodies down
we are the Sacred offering

May I be pure to give
all of my life and heart
to offer up my Self
and from this moment start

To lay me down for love
all of me, I offer up
I ante up, ante up, ante up
spill out all in my cup

for love
for love
for love
for love
for love

As we bridge that gap
between the true and the real
and all maps, all agendas
all gore and zeal

May we lay down our bodies
lay down all we’re made of
make the bridge to wholeness
the bridging body of love

Taken with permission from my private blog in Gaia Scene community forum

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