We are in a time where shadows take form. A time when what was once whispers among the few are now visible to the many.

We are in a time of a great shift for humanity, an inner shift that is all about responsibility and freedom. No longer can humans be spelled into a sleeping mode, the time for awakening is upon us all and it cannot be stopped.

You may wonder what is this awakening, what is this happening, WTF is going on? It is the dawn of a new world. Not a new world order that those in the shadows have been working towards for eons. No, I am speaking of a new world of freedom and truth. A world where each individual stands up for their own inner truth.

Do you want children to be tortured, sold as sex slaves, be used and abused by people with no feeling of mercy? Does the thought of these things make you sick? Do you look at your own children or grandchildren feeling fear that something like that would happen to them? If this is what you feel, then, I congratulate you. 

Don’t you wonder why a virus suddenly became an excuse for a worldwide lock down? Do you want a vaccine to be developed in a year, when it normally takes ten years to make a safe vaccine? Don’t you think it is something fishy about the fact that it is people who have interest in the vaccine industry that are the ones that advocate for a worldwide mass vaccine for everyone?

Look upon fear as your best ally. Fear wakes you up! Fear can be utilized as an inner strength. Look upon these feelings of disgust as a sign for you to look deep enough into the subject to take a standpoint. Trust your gut and trust your heart. Don’t let fear make you hide in a closet. Stand up and look at it, and accept that as you feel fear about things you see and suddenly start to understand. By doing this, you integrate it, and by integrating fear it will not make you paralyzed, instead, it will make you strong and awake.

If you are among those who are newly awaken to a world that is far from what you thought it was, then I say welcome to a new truth, a more real truth. Welcome to a very exciting time on Earth.

Know that much of what is surfacing now is nothing new, it has existed for a very long time. Think about these things as have been hidden on the bottom of a pond and now suddenly someone took a poke and stirred the water, so that the mud became visible. What you see and experience now is the cleanout of this muddy pond.

Realize that whenever you as an individual look at something and state: “I do NOT consent to what I see/hear/read/experience,” then you make a standpoint that gives ripples through the whole Universe. Even if you only think it and never say it out loud, it does make a difference. Every time you state one way or another that you do NOT consent to something you feel is wrong, you help to clean out this pond. This is how powerful and important every single human on Earth is.

There are some people who say that the awakening of people on Earth is happening in three waves. I fully agree with this. The first wave was those who woke up long ago. Those who have known and seen these truths for many decades. These first-wavers are those who will be the backbone of teachers, healers and helpers for the newly awakened. They are the ones who for a very long time have held the energy for the Earth to rise its vibration, so that the rest of humanity could wake up.

The second wave was those who woke up around 2012, and I am one of them. In my opinion, we are a quite divided group and some are to be teachers, healers and helpers. Others like me, are more working in the background with energy work of different kind. Some of us came to help build a new Earth, and some like me are more focused on holding the energy during the transforming phase. I am now speaking about energy. I don’t mean that humanity will jump from this Earth to another Earth planet, I am talking about raising the energy on Earth to help dissolve the mud in this pond.

The third wave are those who have woken up this spring 2020, and those who are in this moment awakening. It is especially for you I have written this article, because I remember how confused I felt when waking up. I remember how afraid I felt when realizing some very disturbing facts. But, I also learned quite fast that the fear was just there to shake me awake, to show me where I needed to energetically declare my consent or disagreement. 

So, please don’t let the fear of feeling fear stop you from opening your eyes and ears and mind to what is going on. Let your heart lead you with compassion and trust yourself. The inner strength and light of each human individual is strong enough to transform all kinds of mud and make the water of the pond clear once again. Every time you feel dirty inside from what is going on in the world, take a bath or a shower and do something that makes you laugh or makes you happy. That will help you to clean up inside and keep your inner balance.

We cannot do it wrong, because the decision to raise the energy is already made and we are already on our way. But, we can make it harder or easier on a personal level. My advice to those who are confused and afraid in this time is to allow the fear to be felt and thus transformed inside of yourselves. I also advise for everyone to, in one way or another, declare what you consent or NOT consent to. And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the ride. This will be a roller coaster you never experienced before.

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