Knowing What I’m Perceiving

When it comes to discernment, at the core of this question is the question of intentions.

With the current levels of the disclosures in all manner of ways and in all sectors of life on planet Earth right now, the need for discernment grows and grows. The good news is that each bit of information gives the opportunity for us all to practice this discernment muscle and hone it into a useful tool for ourselves.

As usual, I’m leaning hard to the good news polarity on this. The good news is that there’s a lot of previously hidden information coming to the surface to be seen for what it really is. The bad news is that there’s a veritable avalanche of total garbage, partial garbage and lies by omission information raining down upon us from all directions. It can be disconcerting and disorienting.

There are some tools I’ve developed for myself over many years of patiently and obsessively observing and trying to figure out what it is that I’m perceiving. Like everyone else, I’m tired of falling for the hype and the lies. I no longer agree to be party to hidden agendas either.

Not like I’m completely impervious to this now, but with some tools for my tool chest and the patience to keep my attention on the core of the issues, whatever they are, it’s no longer such a hopeless task. I no longer feel helpless to know for myself what it is that is right in front of me.

Understanding the Intention

It’s a popular cliche that says ‘Actions speak louder than words’. We’re all familiar with this axiom and it may hold true, but only to a point. What I’ve found is that this doesn’t take it far enough for me to truly discern what the action means without observing the intention for it.

Although spoken words are surely easier to produce than the actions that would offer some proof of the intention to follow through on something said, if this is as far as I go in my attempt to understand the true intentions of others, it’s incredibly easy to be lead astray.

A parable said to have come from the mouth of Jesus talks about this. A wealthy man comes and drops a heavy purse as a temple donation, making sure to do so in front of as many people as possible. Sometime later, a poor woman comes humbly and drops a small coin and no one notices it.

This parable speaks of values of the actions that aren’t about quantity of coin at all, but about intention. One gives to gain some glory from community in a show, dropping what costs little of what he has in his coffers. One comes quietly and gives a significant portion of what she has, from her heart and without concern if community praises her or not.

These are inherently the same basic actions, and yet, the intentions that underlie them are completely different. The true value of these actions are significantly different, though the basic actions are the same.

Dropping the ‘Spiritually Correct’ Mask

I’m not here to bash anyone who is intending to serve themselves with their skills or services, or are trying for some glory moment in eyes of our spiritual communities. There’s nothing wrong with this sort of seeking for personal and/or financial gratification. May those that seek this have their fill of it until they’re satisfied. May they be filled and happy.

The reason I mention it is because I see this all the time. Spirituality is a big business and there’s plenty of savvy business people out there trying to cash in on those who seek to find their way to remember who and what they already are. People trying to get a hedge on the future trends, or simply trying to find some community support for the trying and confusing world we live in.

I say there’s nothing wrong here because I also note that there’s an invitation to judge this as being spiritually incorrect to have such intentions. But there’s nothing ‘wrong’ here, what is true is some folks are offering to take up the slack we don’t wish to own for ourselves.

‘Can’t figure out what it is you’re perceiving? Let me tell you how it is.’

I don’t have a problem with this at all, I only wish to note that this is what it is, when it is. I don’t have much of a problem discerning when this is what is being offered. It’s always quite literally written all over the material and how it’s being presented.

A finer way to serve me would be to encourage me to develop the tools and discernment for myself. I’m not interested in following a guru. I’m interested in developing my own spiritual maturity and in expanding my own perceptions. I wish to know the truth for myself, and to use my God-given abilities to do this. Another invitation to give away this power to another isn’t the way I want to go.

The need to look beyond the surface is here and now like never before. It may be complex if looking only at the surface, but with some patient, persistent, and attentive efforts, one may see the deeper currents of what is occurring, and the truth of the how and why people are acting and reacting as they do.

The Truth Simplifies

One of the rules I use for discernment is: the truth simplifies.

I know if I ask for truth and I’m presented with a tangle of complexity, or if the answer is that it’s too complex for me to understand, that this is a sure sign of a big fat untruth in the middle of the tangle.

I may not yet know what the distorted bit is, but I know it’s there or the complexity would fall away to reveal the truth of the matter. These truer truths unravel complexity, and show that the whole trouble was never the complex details involved, but were, instead, about the attempt to tangle things up and hide with what isn’t true to begin with.

Expansion or Contraction?

Does the information offered empower me? Am I feeling expansion or contraction? Does it feel like love or fear? Love expands and empowers me. Fear asks me to give away my power and to contract.

I pay close attention to what I feel when I take in any information offered. My feelings are real and true. I can count on them to give me the most important information of all. That being the access to truth and reality through the perceptive abilities Source or God has equipped me with.

I take these personal responsibilities of using my own powers of perception quite seriously. I find that it’s ridiculous to distrust my own senses in favor of anything outside myself. It seems to me to be, not only a privilege, but also a responsibility to utilize these to the best of my ability. I use them, hone them, honor them, and most of all, I don’t favor the opinions, thoughts, messages, or declarations of others over the knowledge I have within myself.

Who Says What and What is the Agenda?

Not all agendas are bad ones, though the word itself has some bad connotations to it. Understandable, considering the bad agendas playing out in the world in such a grand scale. However, there are also plenty of people with good agendas too.

Understanding the source of any information and also what agenda it serves in its creation and in its delivery is crucial to knowing something more than the surface of what is being presented.

I note that a lot of people don’t pause long enough to look for a name or a face connected to information shared and re-shared in our internet fast-paced environment. Without this being noted, much of the information I would have access to concerning intentions is lost. Such messages are discarded by me out of hand if I can’t find the source of them.

Either the source is clear and there’s a living face attached to it, or I consider such messages to have an agenda that is also hidden, and therefore, in my mind, likely to be fabricated nonsense that has little or nothing at all to do with anything real or true.

The Time of Intentions

My intuitive self has been telling me that this is the time of intentions. More than ever before, the true intentions behind all actions and all words are going to be revealed for all to see. I’m encouraged by this, and want to continue to encourage everyone to practice discernment for themselves, no matter what the source of information is saying or who that source is (or claims to be!).

For the last three years, at least, this intuitive feeling has been growing and growing for me. It tells me that the true intentions will be revealed in all things. None of this may be hidden anymore.

For me, this is the real deal of the veils dropping away. When these veils drop, it will be good to have some practice with weeding out truth vs swallowing whole any information coming from any sources other than the access to Divine Source within us.

I’ve already been perceiving some popular messages being given out and going around that read to me like hack, hack, hack, hack, hack. I look for how the message makes me feel and I trust this. I also look for how distorted and complex it is, for this is also a sign to me of untruth in there.

Is the information or message asking me to give over my responsibilities for myself to anyone or anything outside of my sovereignty? Is there an authority that says they outweigh my own authority as a being? These are all signs to me of messages not in alignment with my greater good or the greater good in general.

I think we’ve come a long way in some of our communities towards the levels of personal responsibility that it takes to approach clarity in what we’re perceiving. I also think there’s going to be some rather surprising unraveling happening too. We will see…

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