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The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has a variety of definitions for what constitutes ‘news’. The exact definition seems to shift depending on who you are speaking to.

We wanted to be clear from the beginning what news means to us here at Gaia Scenics’ View, so there is no misunderstanding. We also want to be clear about the kinds of information we will be sharing here on the blog.

To us, news is about the empowerment of the human experience.  News is sharing information that provides new paradigm modeling of the human experience. News is also information that helps people to see the shifts in human experience as we approach our future.

While humanity has shifted into a 24/7 news cycle, most people can see clearly that a majority of the news presented in main stream media outlets is produced to make viewers and readers believe in a certain narrative. That narrative is absolutely about keeping the status quo in place and dis-empowering people.

To us, news is about truth, and when we see it, we will indeed share it. We will share it with commentary from our lovely news staff, but we will also provide direct links to articles so that our readers can take control and research information themselves.  We feel that we are moving into a time when each individual will use their own discernment and the information that they have collected to make up their own minds about things.

Human empowerment is about taking our power back from the outside and truly understanding that the power is within us.  Human empowerment is about using the tools at our disposal to make sense out of our life experience and the world around us.  Continuing to consume the status quo narrative, without fact-checking against our own intuition and discernment, absolutely gives our power away to those who benefit from the status quo.

If we simply turn on the television or read the papers, we will not know that there are literally millions of individuals who are modeling empowered living. They are living compassionate, sustainable and inspiring lives. Their actions are out there, and part of our job is to share these examples with our readers.

There are many examples of people trying new things and creating new paradigm experiences for themselves, their families, their communities and out into the wide world.  There are many people using new information, technology and processes to address areas that need changing, and their efforts are leading the way towards the new paradigm.  Part of our job is to share these examples with our readers as well.

We want to share news that inspires our readers to feel good, and reestablish their faith in humanity again. There has been focus, for far too long, in the main stream media on bad news that many simply do not know about all the good things that are go unnoticed in the world today.  There are many individual lights burning in the darkness, at present, and we are inspired to share them so collectively we can see how very bright our world is becoming.

There are also signs that things are shifting away from the status quo and into a new way of being on many levels within society and around the world. We will endeavor, also, to share these signs and ask our readers to investigate further.  There are many events happening, globally, that may not be shared on the national news. We will present news that is occurring globally, with commentary from individuals around the world, as often as we can.

What we will not share is speculation, negativity and fear. If we were to present information that leads our readers into fear and struggle, we are only feeding into the energy that keeps things the same.  There are plenty of reputable websites and sources out there sharing diverse information on topics that we won’t be focusing on here. Again, we ask our readers to investigate the things that resonate with them or draw their attention, and then come up with their own conclusions.

Since many are moving out of the space of linear time, there is no weekly schedule for the sharing of our news.  When information presents itself that is inspiring and enlightening, we will be sharing it.  We also welcome our readers to join the Gaia Scene Community Forum to share information and comments with other like-minded people.  This is the place where we gather much of our information from around the world, and where any tips for news will have the most impact.

So, welcome to the news, dear friends, and may our shares bring wonderful things to light!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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