swampDraining the Swamp

Who would have thought only two years ago that the political right, en masse, would be waking up to the deep state swamp?

For me, it’s a miracle.

My geo-political awakening started more than three decades ago. All my life, I’ve only known folks with a political left or green orientation who talked about swamp creatures and their agenda, and who did what they could to disclose and inspire people to stand up against it and for liberation.

When, during the 2016 US presidential campaign, one of my spiritual friends showed up as a Trump-lover, I was shocked to pieces.

In my mind and experience, conservatism didn’t go along with awakening. The very nature of conservatism – preserving things as they are – seemed to prevent the realization that things, as they are, are not in humanity’s favor but serving the swamp.

My articles “The Day After” and “The Month After” speak about how my take towards Donald Trump changed on a dime when I listened to his acceptance speech after the election so I won’t bore you with this.

Actions speak louder than Words

Ever since, I’ve been closely watching the President’s moves. He may play the fool to the world, but what does he really do?

Ditching TTP on his first day in office, shortly afterwards setting up Robert Kennedy as the head of a vaccination commission, and the Executive Order of Dec.21, 2017, about seizing the property of human rights violators, showed me that indeed, he is on our side.

On our side meaning, on humanity’s side. It’s not about right vs. left, it’s not even about MAGA – Make America Great Again -, it’s about liberating humanity from the shackles of the deep state.

The Political Right is Waking Up Now

What a brilliant move! DJT used to be a member of the Democratic Party, do you recall that? His astrological birth chart shows that his basic orientation is progressive, which used to be an antidote to conservatism.

That he ran as a republican candidate shows, to me, the absurdity of the American two-party system which divides the nation in two halves that oppose each other, perfectly serving the deep state’s strategy of ‘Divide and Conquer’.

Make no mistake, the swamp is everywhere, in all parties and all countries. The political right is as infected as the political left. In the US, it’s more visible with the Democratic Party these days, yes; but it doesn’t mean that the right wing is ‘pure’ and free of deep state minions and swamp creatures.

As long as most researchers and whistleblowers came from the left, the rest of humanity brushed off their findings as conspiracy theory. In order for disclosure of the deep state swamp’s atrocities to occur, the impulses needed to come from the right wing.

Q Anon and ‘The Great Awakening’

Perfectly orchestrated, Q Anon appeared on the scene at the end of October 2017. Much has been written and said about this whistleblower (group), so I won’t go into details now. It’s enough to mention that from here on, millions of people started waking up and looking into the deep state agenda. We need to be educated, in order to take self-responsible choices.

I’ve been waiting for this for decades! I’ve been holding the space for people from all political aisles to wake up and stand straight, for their freedom and their sovereignty.

My waiting was not only for the Divine Feminine, that holds the light for Unity Consciousness of humanity, but also for the Divine Masculine that fights for it and protects our freedom.

The waiting is over – We Are Here Now, One Humanity, beyond all political and spiritual orientations, awake and aware, ready for the change.

The Hate-Left and the Hate-Right

But something is really disturbing me. Why is there so much hatred from the awakening right towards the left?

As a European, from a country where, since the ’80s, no political party had a majority to govern alone, which forces them to form coalitions with smaller parties and take reasonable compromises, I don’t understand how a nation can split in two opposing halves.

It’s absolutely strange to me that people identify so much with a political party that their neighbor, with a different political orientation, becomes their enemy.

I’ve traveled many countries and lived in a few, and nowhere did I see such a separation of a nation, such a dualistic split that turns one against the other.

While listening to Q Anon decoders and interpreters, I’m amazed to hear so many rants against the political left. I heard Dr. Jerome Corsi coin the expression ‘hate-left’ and use it in almost every show. I listen to Anti-School, STG report, and other decoders, I read Q-related Reddit subs, and while I enjoy all the good work being done, I’m amazed about how much hatred is being spread around.

Anger as a Catalyst for Change, not for Hatred

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that waking up to the swamp comes with a lot of anger. This anger, creatively used, can shift our inner stance from victimhood to “No More! I Am sovereign and withdraw all permission to the deep state agenda.”.

Throwing that anger onto the political left, the party as well as all those people who vote for it, is not only a waste of energy – blame never brings changes, only wars – but is perfectly aligned with the deep state ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy.

When we look beyond the artificial separation of left vs. right, we can see that all people, no matter their political, spiritual, religious, racial, national, identification simply want a good life for themselves and their beloveds. We each have different opinions on how to reach that goal – and I love that variety, homogeneous societies are boring and quickly die -, but in essence, we all have the same goal that should unite us, and on the inside, all people are pink.

unityFlexibility is our Human Super-Power

After the US election, my teenage son accused me of having turned to the right. He still doesn’t get it that I’m not identified with any political direction, and that I’m not a blind ‘Trump supporter’ simply because I gave up my MSM-manipulated anti-Trump stance.

Whenever the topic DJT comes up, he seems to be driven by an automatism that moves him into opposition to me, without consideration and really thinking and pondering. As if a button gets pushed, he automatically shifts into cognitive dissonance and the backfire syndrome. This is how far the MSM mockingbird programming goes, even with people who have an IQ of 150. If it wasn’t so sad to watch, it would be funny.

I’ve seen people withdraw from our Gaia Scene Community because their life-long left orientation doesn’t allow them to even consider that someone who represents the political right could be on humanity’s side. The fact that many folks who used to lean to the political left see through the division strategies and now support the current US president pushes so hard against their mind-set that they don’t want to communicate with us anymore.

We need to become much more flexible with what we think and be-lie-ve. What we thought to be right in the past turns wrong today. Our enemies of yesterday can be our friends of tomorrow.

If we hang on to our concepts of reality, we cannot awaken to what is really true. Only when we open up widely and truly and deeply look, the truth will reveal itself to us.

The Truth is, this not about Left vs. Right, it’s about the Swamp vs. Everybody Else.

In order to beat the deep state, we need to get over the hate-left and hate-right reactions and realize that we are One Humanity, united in standing up against those that have enslaved us for millennia. We stand up for liberation and the draining of the swamp. The political left is no more the enemy than the political right; the deep state is.

In closing, here is what Q Anon says about it; may it help to get over the party hatred and towards what is really important:

Post 925: Mar 10 2018 14:49:25 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo
This is not about religions or party affiliation.
EVIL is everywhere.
There are no drawn lines.
No boundaries.
Good vs Evil.


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