cleanShadow Work and Clean Up

Are you doing your inner work, or are you hiding behind old habits and distractions?

If it has not been done yet, then it is high time to start, because soon, there will be a reality that will more and more be in a no time zone. When that happens, everything you reflect will be mirrored back to you directly.

It is nothing new that your inner status is reflected back to you. That is how the world you perceive as outside of you is created. But, when you are still mainly inside of time what you see reflected is the past. When you more and more float into a no-time experience, the reflection will instead mirror the now.


“The shadow no longer casts familiar distortions on the ground behind you. Rather, it stands, almost unrecognizable, in front of you, directly—like some cosmic gatekeeper—demanding acknowledgment, healing, and resolution.”

Cori, Patricia. The New Sirian Revelations (p. 91). North Atlantic Books. 


This is a part that every living being on Earth will experience during the coming years. Some have been walking in this land of no-time for decades, but the majority of humanity has not visited that land outside of dreams, or only in very short experiences like déjà vu and alike.

If you think you can escape the experience, I will say think twice. This is not just a personal experience. It is a collective experience, and the energy the Earth is traveling through right now is affecting everyone and everything.

It is not hard to do this work, but it is vital.

You need to look at your emotions on all levels and be honest towards yourself.

You need to ask yourself some questions. Why do I feel like this? Why do I think these thoughts? Why do I act this way?

Invite your shadows to come forth and speak to you. Listen and learn. Invite your body to communicate with you, where are you feeling tense, what part feels relaxed, when do you get a headache? Listen, feel and learn to communicate.

Make it your new habit to feel into yourself, to listen to your own thoughts, to be honest about who you are.

When you stand in line in the grocery store and suddenly feel angry, ask yourself what is going on. Is this my anger or the energy around me that I feel?

When you look out over the ocean and feel tears of sadness coming forth, ask yourself what is going on. What sorrow was just now triggered in me? 

Make it your new habit to analyze your own opinions and reactions.

Why do I hate this or that? Why do I love that or this? Why am I always angry every Saturday at noon? Why can’t I ever feel calm around my aunt Hilda? It is these things you should take a closer look at, and when doing that, allow yourself to really see what is going on inside of you in that specific moment.

What happens if you go further into this energy without having faced your inner shadows and acknowledging and healing what needed to be healed, and in gratefulness for lessons learned, releasing such energy no longer supporting who you are now?

What happens is that your inner shadows will frighten you. They can no longer hide in this energy and will be forced to show themselves, and if you have not done your work, you will not recognize them as yours. You will think they are outside of you and that they might want to harm you. 

You see, it is my opinion that we all will continue moving into this energy belt, not mattering whether we are ready for it or not and the readier we are, the easier it will be. The more shadows we have ignored inside of ourselves, the harder it will be.

Personally, I prefer an easy ride, so I have recently kicked my own butt and dug deep to clean up the last and deepest hidden shadows inside of me. It was not fun, but now I have a lot of empty space to fill up with new lighter energy. 

Once done, it feels good and I hope I can inspire you to do the same, if you, like me, are a bit lazy when it comes to some really boring cleaning up stuff that needs to be done. I mean, think of it as cleaning a messy bathroom. It takes a deep breath to get started, but once it is done, it is very gratifying the next time you need a shower or a bath. 


Written for Gaia Scene Community Forum, blogged on GaiaScenicView with friendly permission

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