gratitudeThere has been some buzz about today as a magic day numerically, as it is 11-22-2018, which makes it 11-22-11. Regardless of the esoterica involved, it is indeed a magic day.

In the USA today is a day set aside for remembering everything there is to be grateful for. It’s tradition for there to be a feast shared with family and friends, and for there to be celebration of everything about the sacred hearth and home.

It’s also too often traditionally turned out to be a stressful time. As many of us know, it’s a time when family tensions may come to the surface.

On top of all the domestic stress potential, we are experiencing a wave of tension in world conditions. Politics, governments, economies and the foundations of social institutions are being called into difficult and confusing questions that deal with corruption and all kinds of chaotic changes. None of us know exactly what comes next and levels of insecurities are high, across the board.

I place those conditions and realities on pause for this day to bring my focus home, to the center and foundations of what I value; my home, my family, my friends and my loved ones. It’s all about my love for my personal space, my community, my town, my country, my planet today. Today is all about the values I hold for my relations and my sincere love for them, in other words.

I ask my heart to lead the way today, in how I am, in what I do, in my relation to everything that is.

This is a day I wish to focus on this love inside me as the highest value, allowing the lesser considerations of whether or not me and my relations may agree on this or that to dissolve in waves of love my heart is singing. Let it sing!

Like a symphony, my living heart is beating out a love song for everything I have right here and right now, everything good I know, whether I have it or not. A heart song of gratitude for life, for living, and for the miracle and joy of being here, with the ability to discern and appreciate. A song with a giant THANK YOU all over it.

Another day will come to remind me of too many things I don’t like and don’t agree with, but not today. Today is a love fest to enjoy and to bring the power of my fullest heart to fully engage in gratitude.

May my love go forth as a beacon. May your love be a beacon too.

May we create together a wave of love and gratitude so strong and so vibrant that it rocks the foundations of the realities we all swim in. May we create together today a day to remember in the challenges to come.

May we create a lasting remembrance on how, without gratitude, without the ability to appreciate, we have nothing. No matter what it is we have, without appreciation, it is all ashes and dust. It becomes as nothing, and nothing could be so tragic as this.

Many blessings to all on this Thanksgiving Day. I bless you all in gratitude, whether you celebrate such a tradition or not. From my personal point of view, none of that matters. I’m too busy being grateful for everything.

Blessings to you, since you are the blessing if you want to be. Be the blessing.

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