potholesI’m on the right track. It’s the potholes are the problem!

I am following a Spiritual path. I feel all pure and noble, then, whilst striding out I stand in a whopping great pothole!

I never ever equated a sprained ankle with my soul growth, so there you go. The unexpected pothole can be quite a jolt to the system. Pain? Of course!

Unlike Council roadworks, no one with a wheelbarrow and shovel will come along to fix it (the pothole not the ankle).

It took a long while before I realised I made my own potholes, sort of like a self-generated test of my GPS Tracker. How did I get on this dirt road? Corrugations are a real shake up!

Two words can be pothole fillers, the first is TRUST! What? I hear you ask, do I trust?

I’ll ask you a question and I don’t need an answer, you do. How many times do you feel, ‘do it tomorrow’ followed by a slight feeling of anxiety? You know you should do it now. The gut is used to transfer breakfast from mouth to anus. Not prophesy and a new age nutter you are not!

So you don’t trust! Trust is like a plant, use it, water it, feed it and it will grow into a worthwhile friend. Trust is like butter on toast, drop a dollop in the middle of the slice and see how far it spreads and soaks in. The more you use the farther it spreads. It’s infectious!

Ok, so that is one pothole repaired (for now).

The second word is LOVE, I don’t need to say more, but I’m going to anyway.

Love comes in lots of consistencies, hard, sloppy, self-effacing, and so on. Love doesn’t need an agenda, and again, a little goes such a long way.

Start by practising on yourself  and the deep pothole will start to fill; and the more it fills, the more it spreads, and is absorbed into your very being. Did I mention Love is like a rubber band? It bounces back.

There is one certainty, there will always be potholes. Shine a little light into them and step out smartly.

Don’t forget, stand up straight when you have filled in all the potholes and are presented with your Golden Wheelbarrow, Certificate, Halo and Feathers.

The Council will be proud of you! (Trust me.)

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