idenity-2So, you can see right through me… you think! So, what is the impediment to being transparent? Secrets and lies, and my question is, are they all bad?

We have said, or have been told, often times, a variation on this theme, ‘Now, don’t say anything to mum & dad, the kids are coming from all over for the anniversary.’

Truthfully filling in Government forms, never getting on a train without a ticket, not tasting a grape you haven’t paid for. Just a small cross-section of minor dishonesties that successfully cloud our transparency. Remember, from little things big things grow!

Historically, people and organisations who’ve prided themselves on ‘seeing through’ others have been responsible for hangings, convict transportation and burning at the stake. These days it is (anti)social media and the urge for superlatives in the mainstream media. The shock horror press is so full of platitudes, it surprises me that their collars are the right way around.

Now, lets get back to the transparent bit. How do you keep something see-through? Use the KISS system, Keep It Simple, Stupid! Clean it. Windows get cleaned, carpets are vacuumed, washing up (again), and a hot shower.

All done for externals, what about the inside, mate? I don’t mean the worm tabbys or Laxettes, I mean Heart space, Higher Self and soul, (Not sole).

The cleaning materials for this area can be found in any aisle of the supermarket, brand names… Warm Smile, stick a free one on your face, they multiply, so hand them around. Other venues, bottom of the garden, clouds, books, videos, warm hugs, maternity ward & of course, Gaia Scene, all chock full of essential cleaning materials designed for massive overhaul, or poking the fluff out of the corners.

Becoming transparent can be fun and darned hard work at the same time, there are more advisors around than good advice, so discretion is an essential tool, don’t drink the cleaning fluid, read the label, lol.

I have to be careful with my halo, it keeps slipping over my eyes and I can’t see where I’m going, that happens just when I think I’ve got it.

I do have a fridge magnet complete with Ginger cat and the words, ‘I’m not purrfect’, but I’m so close it’s scary. Would I lie to you? I’m transparent!  (sort of…)

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