Peter (username, Petrus) brings a message and is a beloved member of our Gaia Scene forum. He has also graced us with our gorgeous blog banner and has helped us with his amazing talent to found this blog project.  

It’s our pleasure to share his stories with a wider audience. Thank you, Peter, for sharing your art and your family story with the special meanings which are integral to your creations.


Before my house is a strong beech tree with dark brown leaves that are guarding me and my family… It is a very special tree, because we are physically connected; let me tell you how:

About 27 years ago, on the day of the burial of my dear mother, I was standing near the freshly opened grave pit. In the same grave, where also my grandfather, grandmother and several other family members once have been buried.

About 2 meter from this grave stands a tall beech tree with about the darkest brown leaves I’ve ever seen, its roots nourished for many years from my ancestral remains. And after my mother, my father also was buried in the same grave later.

The beech tree with the darkest brown leaves thus has become another family member. It has directly grown from my family members into a very impressive tree that still stands strong to guard my ancestors.

On the day of burial of my mother, while waiting for the ceremony to continue, I saw many fresh seeds of the beech tree on the ground.

I picked up several and when I (finally) came home again, I decided to try to grow new beech trees from this very special tree. That was successful and I got several nice new trees from it.

After about 5 years, we had to move to our current house we live in. It was very difficult to transport the young beech trees, with the dark, dark leaves. One very nice one I planted right before my house, and it still is standing there; the other ones decided not to survive.

Thus the beech tree with the darkest brown leaves is also guarding my house and family.

I am not only connected to this tree; we even share the same ancestors..!

Shared with permission by Petrus of Gaia Scenics Forum

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