at the crossroads CROPPEDThe rise of Donald Trump as the likely Republican nominee for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is a glaring wake up call for all conscious people. I’d like to speak about how this is showing up some hidden notions that have been ‘trumped-up’ and are lodged in our collective consciousness.

The fact that many accomplished, ‘respectable’ folks unabashedly support Trump tells me something is, most definitely, amiss. Since Donald Trump inspires the worst parts of the human soul, his popularity speaks to a greater issue.

It’s obvious, in my view, that the long-held ‘family secret’ of the United States’ gruesome past has been rearing its ugly head among ‘good’ people since the election of the first Black president, making everybody sick.

Of course, meanness isn’t a new occurrence. However, the relentless meme of not-so-thinly-disguised racism has been prominent here in the US over the past 8 years, while pundits tiptoe around it, creating a national dialogue that boggles the minds of our global neighbors.

This has been a frustrating realization for me, as I observe long-time friends acquiesce to the lure of old lies.

It’s understandable. When one has been taught, generation after generation, that great granddaddy was a ‘pillar of society’, it’s tough to accept that the riches he passed down to you came from brutalizing other human beings. It’s much easier to pretend that it wasn’t that bad and that ‘those people’ must deserve what they got.

It cannot be denied that the politics of the time were centered around race, mainly, the superiority of the white race. Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, proclaimed without shame that ‘Blacks smelled bad and were physically unnatractive, required less sleep, were dumb, cowardly, and incapable of feeling grief …’, for a start.

You can assertain for yourself why the third president of the United States chose to proclaim those particular ‘attributes’, considering that he also fathered several children by these nasty, subhuman Africans. Go figure. Can anyone say ‘Strom Thurmond’, long-time segregationist, whose black daughter lived her life being denied? The programs that formed this dysfunction still run rampant in the collective psyche. Most people don’t even consider why they feel the way they do. It’s just the way it is.

But here’s the thing. The colonizing cabal that has hijacked this planet has no concern for color of skin. The obvious physical differences between black & white are just easier to exploit.

In the 1700s, when Scottish, Irish, African, and Indigenous slaves rose up in unity against the elite, 60% of them, the Irish, ‘the upper crust’, had to come up with a plan to protect their position. Hence, the invention of the white race.

Yes, ‘white’ people were the first slaves, in Europe, Barbados & the US. Previously, there wasn’t even such a thing as race, and color was only used to describe people. But esteemed physiologist, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, came up with the theory of race — using no science whatsoever — that would assuage the troubled hearts of the elite and justify their countless years of traumatizing other human beings for profit and control.

With this strategy, not only were white people forced to engage or be ostracized, but yet another fracture was created to keep the masses fighting each other over the crumbs. Did you know the lynching of black people only surpassed the lynching of white people after slavery ended, when resources (i.e. the crumbs) became up for grabs? For most people this will come as a shock. The cabal doesn’t care.

Race is an illusion. One that only we, the people, can keep in play.

On a personal note, I was born Katrina McPherson but was later adopted by my mother’s new husband at age seven. It’s interesting because Celtic music, the fae, and rolling greenery of the region has always touched me deeply. Feels like home. For many years, I assumed my biological father had been owned by a Scottish slaver.

However, recent downloads, of which there’s been an overwhelming amount around this subject, revealed to me that it was a great, great grandfather Scottish slave who had given me my birth surname.

This is a part of true history that has been so twisted and hacked that most are unaware. To control the future, one must control the past and our controllers have done a masterful job in rewriting the script in their favor. But, no matter how beneficial it seems to be for one side of the equation, whites in the US are four times more likely to commit suicide than blacks. Something to ponder. The family lie often destroys the family.

Maintaining great-granddaddy’s secret, I believe, has been the greatest deterrent to the progress this beautiful diversity in my country offers. The imbalance caused by these untruths for the human population are obvious when looking from the heart.

This is why I see Donald Trump’s rise as a pivotal point for all conscious creators. We are here, now, helping Gaia ascend. The inhumanity of man towards man is a trauma She knows intimately, better than any of us. So, as much as I’ve tried to not make waves and maintain ‘the secret’, my mission here requires that I speak up.

Policy has nothing to do with support for Donald Trump. He’s only provided an outlet for folks committed to maintaining the secret and not facing the truth. By stirring up our ‘lesser devils’, promoting division and hatred, Mr. Trump is drawing on old wounds. Scarring that has been so effective in controlling us that we find ourselves still here, in this awful place in 2016.

I understand. It’s tough for me as a black, female, US citizen, but my racial suffering has been obvious for years. No, there was never any slavery-recovery program. Quite the opposite, when you look at Jim Crow, the systemic programming and institutional rigging that keeps people of color from ever regaining power of any kind.

It’s easy to research, kind of like 9/11. Peeling back the veil just a little reveals the pattern. And, in spite of media hype, people of color continue to thrive in many ways. So, why the great effort to make it otherwise?

How this racial programming has effected white people isn’t as obvious. The appearance of ‘privilege’ and ‘entitlement’ veils an ugly truth, which festers within all our souls. White people are made out to be something they’re not, just as people of color, blocking human beings from mutual compassion.

The trauma that propagandized institutional slavery has inflicted on whites comes out when the programmed secret is threatened. Then, a visceral response triggers old pains, used by certain leaders over centuries to manipulate and control the emotions of people who feel left out of the game.

Hence, Donald Trump’s rise in a time when the majority of all characters and colors were conscious enough to elect Barack Obama, twice. Regardless of what you think of President Obama, he’s not a hawk and all it takes is detached observation to see he’s not into riling people up, in spite of the fact his mere presence in the Oval Office does just that. This only speaks to my greater point.

This 3D story is representative of the larger conflicts that have existed throughout the cosmos for eons. In the bigger picture, today’s ‘privileged’ may have been once the traumatized slave in another life. We are not our vessels, and our souls have experienced it all. We’re here now to help heal the made-up, trumped-up divisions and fractures created by a parasitic cabal. We can collectively do things differently in this time, when we and the stars are so aligned.

Should I not bring up these things amidst such forward-focused leaders? I feel this is exactly the place to bring it up, for we are the ones whose knowing changes things.

One beautiful Gaia Scene sisStar said to me, “We don’t need this, here”. But she, herself, posted one of the most racist jokes I’ve ever read, completely unaware.

There are esteemed channelers speaking of ‘the Great White Brotherhood’ and ‘tall whites’ as if higher consciousness light beings are as committed to the color of their 3D vessels as white supremacists. I’ve been given much insight on this, but will save it for another conversation. If that’s how they show up, I have no problem, but to think it means something else, I feel, is a lower frequency focus not befitting of galactic service.

If you’re inhabiting a white-skinned vessel or a brown-skinned vessel, or any variation in-between, we’re all in this human experience together. The cabal could care less what color we are as long as we keep fighting each other and not look at who’s behind the curtain. They win only if conscious folks continue to deny the truths that can change everything and get us into a true, whole heart-space.

This is not about blame, shame and guilt. As I said, we’ve all been it all and there’s no room for finger-pointing. We, as conscious ones, are here for Gaia and we have the opportunity now to use our multidimensional vessels to heal and shift the tide. This black and white fracture is prevalent in the States, but a similar fault line can be traced through all made-up, artificially perpetrated global conflicts. This just happens to be the one I was born into.

I often quote a Neal Donald Walsch’s Hitler Went To Heaven, because Hitler fulfilled his mission. Which was offering the masses the opportunity for heart expansion. How much can the ‘good’ people take before we stand up, together, for one another? The same crossroad is before us now.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference

Here and now, I can change things, starting with my own healing, compassion, and knowledge. If it is to be, it is up to me, and I thank God, celestial light-beings, the angels, and all earth angels for the support I receive to take the next step towards Oneness.

Donald Trump’s ‘gifts’ have no place in this new paradigm. It’s an old and fading story. I am here to resolve divisions and heal errors of the past, owning all parts I’ve played, loving all.

As I retrieve my fractured parts and evolve into whole, unconditional Self-Love, Pure Love expands and ignites the hearts of others. This is my path towards ascension.

May you be blessed.


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