chooseThe truth is we get to choose.

Yes. This is the truth. It isn’t so difficult to understand. It’s actually very, very simple.

As human beings, we love to complicate matters. Let’s just admit it. We love to tangle things into a big complicated mess. How exciting it is to then have a puzzle to solve!

We claim to be confused about the avalanche of details. I’m not falling for it anymore. It’s just not the truth. What this is is excuses, and how we love them!

What would we do without the excuses we love so very much? Because without them, there’s nothing but ourselves and our choices, and after that the consequences.

I can hear the wailing of those who moan about how this isn’t truth. Who would choose all the mayhem and chaos that is inherent in the tangled up mess of complicated problems in the world today? One would have to be insane to make such choices!

And yet, here we are.

Choices. How do we make them and end up where we are now? Let’s look a bit deeper at what this entails.

I believe what we so easily forget, and what we love to use as excuses for being responsible for our own choices, is that making choices is only one part of the equation. The shadow side of this is how we choose not to choose. Take the choice and make it, or don’t make the choice and it will be made for you. There is an inherent consequence to not making a choice, and there it is…

What I’m saying is that not choosing is also a choice. There’s no escape from personal responsibility no matter how you do this. It always rolls back around to what we choose.

Like a pair of shoes that don’t get worn and sit in the closet abandoned, those choices we don’t make are there to be made (walked in) by another. We see the results of this all over the world on every level, from the intimate to the societal to the global.

In the same way as Nature abhors a vacuum, those areas where we abandon our responsibilities to make conscious choices are the very same areas where choices ignored are still inherently choices in their results.

Another great excuse for denying the responsibility for making proper choices is to spend too much energy minding the business of others. How fun this is to keep our attention on what isn’t our business or responsibility! Please, let’s finally just admit it. We do this to sideline the fact that we need to mind our own business more responsibly, allowing and encouraging others to do the same.

I believe the more we make conscious choices and stop spending most of our time with the excuses on an individual level, the more we rise up together as a collective into saner and more intelligent behaviors.

These tangles unravel so easily with the right focus, and this focus is always in the center of self.

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