The Physics of Balance

When I was a very little girl, I learned through observation the trick of staying in the center of the merry-go-round so I wouldn’t get tossed off.

The big kids used to try and make the little kids cry or fall off as they spin it faster and faster, and laughed at the ones who turned green with discomfort or fell off the sides.

I knew when the big kids approached to play their game that I needed to move as close to the center of the disk and cling to the middle spoke, if possible.

If it got spinning very fast, I would also look down at the top of the middle spoke as we were whizzing around, and it would remain stationary and I would not get dizzy.

I was indeed using a work around to the centripetal-centrifugal forces related to Newton’s Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

You see, the closer I was to the center of the circle, the less centripetal force was necessary to keep me close to the center, and the equal and opposite reaction to the inertia in my body, the apparent centrifugal push back force, this was smaller as well.

These physical laws apply every single day to varying degrees, but they feel extremely strong on a merry-go-round. The closer to the edge you get, the higher the force of gravity on the body as you whirl around, and the harder it is to hang on.

Those that didn’t have the strength needed to hold the bar in these fast spinning situations, fell off the edge and tumbled into the sand.

Maintaining Focus

When I got a little bit older, I began taking ballet classes and learned the trick of spotting the pirouette.

A pirouette is a single-legged spin with many revolutions of the body and as a young dancer masters this motion, the number of rotations increases to as many as possible.

One of the first things an instructor teaches a young ballerina, is how to spot.

Spotting involves holding a fixed point with the gaze as the body turns at the same time. When the dancer can no longer hold the fixed spot, they whip their head around and find the spot again in space and hold it.

This is a bit of a trick to master, and it is a bow to their patience and dedication that ballet instructors do not burst out laughing when they begin teaching this technique and their young charges fall all over the studio.

Spotting helps to reduce an eye movement pattern that happens instinctually as we spin, and leads to dizziness.

It is, of course, interesting that the body is already adjusted to gravity and spin, being that we exist on a spinning orb, hurtling through space and we feel as if we are standing still.

These adjustments are inborn, but when we add more spin to the system, the inner ear goes crazy and the body feels extremely disoriented.

It takes training for a ballerina to master this technique to counter dizziness, and even more for a skater, who can’t whip their head around to look at a fixed point because they are spinning too fast. They use varying techniques that get the brain used to this movement through spin exercises and opposing eye movement.

In other words, there are a number of ways that can be employed to keep the body peaceful, even in stressful times when the world is spinning faster than usual.

Chaos and Spiritual Balance

For many of us, the outside world seems to be spinning much faster than usual at the present time, and many feel it is spinning out of control.

Chaos is a creative principle that some are more comfortable with, as they have more observational practice with the construct.

As new things are created, old things are destroyed in order to free up the energy and raw materials for creation.

There is a flow to the process, but there is also intense fear of change when we try to hold a position that is not centered in the heart.

What does that mean?

I mean, really?

Being centered in the heart is finding our physical and spiritual center of gravity.

It means understanding that we are responsible for our own selves, and our own life, and our own actions.

It means that if we are responsible for ourselves, as a sovereign beings with free will choice, that others are responsible for themselves as well.

It means that we understand that all experience and energy in this sphere is valid, but that does not mean that we have to choose those experiences and energy and allow them to enter our personal energy field.

It means that we understand it is inappropriate for us to take the whole weight of the world on our shoulders and give our power away, when the load was meant to be shared by 7 odd billion sovereign souls mixing it up in physical incarnation here on this plane.

It means that we understand that loving ourselves is important, and meeting our own needs is a part of self-responsibility and mastery on the human path.

It means that we can utilize our energy and our love, first within our own hearts and our own lives, and then, from this loved and energized position, we can share it out into the world as a gift, with the full understanding that others have a free will choice to accept or reject our gifts.

It is the giving that is the joy. In our heart centers, we feel our wholeness, our sovereignty and our power.

From our heart centers, we can also easily observe that there are many ways in which we are being invited to be pulled further and further away from our centers, and further from our soul paths and power.

Invitations to Distract Our Focus and Move Out of Center

Every single day, we are invited to observe the lives and toils of others. We are invited through social interaction, social media and worldwide media to do this at all times, with no break.

As we reach out and connect to all that is spinning far out of center on this wheel of life, we become un-centered and our power leaks out into fear, stress, rage and division.

It is literally as if we have grabbed the edge of the merry-go-round and entered the spin at the top of its force.

We are invited over and over to do this.  We are invited to change our focus from that which we wish to create, and invasively interact with the paths of others.

We are also told we are not compassionate people when we don’t do this. We are told we are selfish and unfeeling, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Whom does this serve? Certainly not the world, and certainly not the sovereign beings living on her at this time.

The Power of the Center

What serves the entire world best are consciously focused, centered, incarnate beings applying their full power and creational ability to their own individual lives and worlds.

What serves the world best are beings who know they have sovereign permission to be at peace in their own heart and utilize that peaceful creation space to birth more of what they wish to see in this world.

What serves the world best are beings who clearly see and reject the invitation to feed that which they do not want with the energy of fear, guilt and benevolent giving that never ever reaches or effects the beings going through difficult times, and only serves to fill the energy and profit coffers of those promoting the fear in the first place.

What serves the world best are individuals who are inspired to action in ways that are possible on an individual and collective level to be the change they wish to see in this world.

What serves the world best are beings who can hold the energy of love and unity in their sovereignty, and truly understand that every other being has a choice to live their own lives.

That every other being is sovereign and has access to the same well of energy and raw materials, but has chosen to create differently, because they have a different soul focus and path in this lifetime.

As a beloved child of the universe, I know I am supported on my soul path at every moment. I also know that others have chosen different experiences and they are also supported on their path.

No exceptions.

No light. No dark. No different. It is all the same and supported in the same fashion.

Creating from the Sovereign Focus of Our Center

We get to choose what we create. We get to choose what we focus on. We get to choose how we use our energy and focus to create more. We get to choose what we wish to include in our own energy field. We get to choose what we share with the world.

From the center, we can see and feel these things deeply. As we move further from the center, we spend more and more energy simply trying to maintain our balance and keep from getting dizzy.

We can certainly hold the space for the highest good to unfold for all beings, but do we, from our human, limited perspective, really even know what the highest good is? Is forcing our will and our idea of the highest good on the sovereignty of others appropriate?

While we wish all would choose the energies and experiences that we do, this is not so and it has never been so.

When we release our subtle and not so subtle judgment about the inappropriate paths of others, we regain much of our energy, as we are not fighting against the path of others, but supporting their sovereign valid choices, just as we support our own.

We do not have to allow the energy of their choices into our own field at all.

Within our own field, and our own world, we are sovereign and we can choose whatever we desire. Just as others may do the same.

From this place of choice, we go out into the collective world and express our energy choices in the physical through our actions and interactions. We draw more of this energy to us through the resonance with other beings who choose similar energies.

This is how we create the world we desire. It begins with self and moves outward from the center.

If we want love in this world, then we must be love in every interaction. If we want unity, support and compassion then we must be that in our interactions with the world.

We can do this most powerfully from our center.

It is in our knowing that we serve the world more powerfully from our center, from our heart, filled with love, that we begin to go inward in times of chaos to tend the fires of that which we wish to see in this world.

We know, at that point, that the energy and raw materials necessary to build the new are being freed up and can be harnessed to create the things we focus on as sovereign souls walking a sacred path.

We create the new, one heart centered being at a time, and this new flows out through individual interaction into the collective for the highest good.

There are many examples of this present in the world at this time, but this truth isn’t being focused on.

Again, I ask, whom does this serve?

I will also ask, what do you wish to serve?

I choose to serve love.

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