twin flame energyHonoring and Sharing Love with Our Twin Flame

My Twin Flame

My twin flame has been in my dreams, and my constant support, since I was a teenager. Whenever I was feeling down, or wondering how I could continue, the memory of someone who loved me dearly, a friend from my dreams, a man, would sustain me.

The dream of this man has taken many forms over the years, but the one constant, has been the Knowing of his presence. That there was someone, out ‘there’, who loved me, no matter what.

My faith in that love was strong enough to get me through, well, everything.

Who and What is the Twin Flame, energetically?

I put ‘his’ in quotes because him-her – male-female; for me it all gets mixed up when talking about the twin flame. When the energies flow back and forth, we become both is my experience.

Although my energy, my spirit inside this body may be 51%-plus female or even 99% female, depending on the day, and my body is female, the twin reflects the fullness of who we are.

And who we are is 100% complete and whole energetically. Who we are in our “fullness” is our complete male and female self, combined.

If we are female on the inside, our twin is male on the inside. What we look like on the outside, how the body appears, does not matter.

In whatever combination of male and female energies we are, our twin is our complement of these same energies. This is what makes us One with our twin, and this is the pull that our twin flame exerts – it is the wholeness and the fullness of who we really are, in spirit, calling your name, calling to your heart.

Who and What is our Twin Flame, Interdimensionally?

This weekend my friend and I were talking, and she is a wonderful healer, and she was saying how she felt that people seeing the twin flame outside of themselves did not make sense to her, because we are one with our twin.

And I agree.

In the higher dimensions. In our more expanded state.

But our bodies exist in the physical dimension, in the world of form, which is called the third dimension.

We simultaneously exist in and require the fourth dimension, which is it’s non-physical complement and the home of all that is non-physical, including emotions and thoughts, ghosts and dreams, and time.

In the third and fourth dimensions, we are used to seeing things as being separate from ourselves, and that is the point – to have an experience as separate from God, or the ‘divine’ energies, to have an experience that seems separate from our Soul.

So from the third and fourth dimensions, we experience our twin as a ‘separate’ being from us, it is only natural.

Now there are instances when the twin incarnates with us and my understanding is that this is less common. But I am addressing the other instance when the twin is energetically present rather than present in a human body, because that is my experience and that is the case for most of us from what I understand.

The Twin Flame can also ‘overlight’ those with whom we are in relationship, and that is something we will address in the future – just saying it here because many times we feel an incredible love with another human being and often it may be that our twin flame is overlighting – or making itself present – in the energy field of the other person. This is by mutual agreement of the higher selves of all involved.

And, yes, you may have taken the next step – that in the higher dimensions, we can be one with our twin flame in the same energy body, saying, that we can be androgynous, and that this is potentially a natural state for a higher dimensional being.

My feeling is that the twin flame concept ‘folds up’ as we expand dimensionally, so that when you are one with your twin, there is another twin that is there for the androgynous being to merge with, and so on.

There is always Love.

My Energetic Practice with my Twin Flame

I have an energetic practice with my beautiful, golden twin flame that I have developed over a period of many years. Of receiving ‘his’ energies and of receiving ‘his’ love.

I perceive his beingness as golden out of the corner of my eye, or in my mind’s eye, or in my clairvoyant vision. That is why I call him ‘golden’.

One of the core practices I do is to acknowledge, merge with, love and honor the energies of my twin flame. This is a spiritual practice, and a physical practice, and a heart-opening practice, and a mindfulness practice, also.

When I am swimming in the higher energies, from within my physical form, that is when I feel one with ‘him’, with that other, non-physical part of me that is my passion, my love, my purpose, and my always-present dream.

This sharing of energies with my twin can be slight – as if his finger is upon my arm, or as if his hand is upon my stomach.

It can be the feeling of someone just beside me. The feeling of butterflies in my stomach. A fluttering over my heart.

Or the merging can be total – we can combine with the energies of my whole body at once – and the flash of energy, which is called the kundalini rising, takes my breath away.

Yes the Kundalini is the totality of you, returning.

Let’s call this our twin flame, shall we?

It is an extraordinary practice, and extraordinary sensation.

This merging of energies can occur starting from anywhere in the energy field. It can occur from within any chakra.

It does not have to start in the lower chakra but at first it can be easier beginning in the lower chakras. Merging twin flame energies in the higher chakras (the heart chakra and above) works just as well, though.
Merging them all together, or one by one, inspires awe and wonder.

Before merging your energies, my strong suggestion is to have a practice of personal energy field management, so that you are engaging with a frequency of energy that is of your choosing.

My Golden Angel & My Twin Flame is Also My Work in the World

I tell my friends that I see this being as a golden angel, this ‘twin’ flame of mine, but I also see that ‘he’ is my work that I am most passionate about, he is my writing, he is the healing work that I do for myself and for others, he is the love I feel within my heart, he is the passion of my Soul.

He covers me and protects me always, energetically, with his blanket of gold.

Except when it is my choice to experience a lower frequency.

How all of this possible?

I cannot explain except to say that this is what God’s Grace is. This is a treasure and a gift given to us to experience as human beings.

My twin flame is not a physical being, he is a feeling, an energy, a dream; he is my feelings of love and passion.

If you can feel the truth in these written words, than maybe you can feel what I can feel, also. That is, a Love of so high a frequency, available to me and for me, that I had only dreamed of, previously.

When I experience my twin flame, I experience a love for me that is all-encompassing, that is completely accepting of who I am, that never judges, that feels that I am beautiful, that delights in my presence, who passionately loves me, who is the best friend of my Soul, who is always with me, always by my side, always helpful to me, even with the little things.

….all the things that my heart has dreamed of.

I experience my Best Friend, in non-physical form.

Ultimately, I experience the Truth of the deep love I have for myself.

The Key to Feeling Your Twin Flame Energies

Do you know what I have to do; to ‘See’ him? ….to Feel his love?

I Allow it to be so.

I Feel that I am worthy.

I Let his energy flow into mine.

I Receive with gratitude. With Delight.

Like butter pouring over me.

Like an easy stream flowing into my energetic being.

I Know in my heart the truth.

And I invite him. My heart calls to him.

I easily recognize his energetic signature, for it is of pure love for me.

It is a signature that I have known, forever.

And I Open my heart a little bit more, each time I feel his love.

The truth is that this love, this pure essence of energy that I feel is real, more real to me than anything else around me.

I will write about the dream soon. Wait. Didn’t I just do that?

(Are you laughing also? I am!)

And he whispers…. “Darling, I am not a dream.”

Original source link: Susan Lacerra.

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