Unity ConsciousnessRecently, I heard a lot of talk again about STO – service to others – and STS – service to self. 

Yawn…old ‘new age’ concepts die hard…

Do we really want to polarize this way?  Do we really be-lie-ve that taking such dualistic positions is a sign of an awakening expanding consciousness?

There are millions of people who, in misunderstood unconditional love on their STO path, serve as doormats for STS-oriented folks. 

Where is ‘love for self’ in this equation?  Self-care?  Self-respect?  Is real awakening possible on this path?

STO and STS?

Whenever I hear people talk about STO (service to others) opposing STS (service to self), it gives me the creeps. In this context, I perceive many a lightplayers dwell in feeling oh-so-good-and-light, while others appear so-very-bad-and-dark.  Where is Unity Consciousness?

STO vs. STS as a 5th-dimensional concept that first came into our collective awareness via RA through ‘The Law of One”. Are these the only choices available?

Hmmm, then 5d is too dualistic for me, sigh.

How can I choose the other over Self when ‘the other’ is but one of the myriad individual expressions of One Self, and so am I?

How can I choose light over darkness when darkness is only the absence of light, and both are present in me?

There is no substance to darkness, it doesn’t have a life on it’s own. Light equals consciousness; bring light into the darkness and darkness fades away, bring conscious awareness into unconscious dark spaces and they dissolve.

Unity Consciousness

It’s simple. In essence, We Are One Self. One Source Self, embodying in myriads of individual unique precious Selves.

In essence, there is no other. There is only Self – my Self and the other Self. Didn’t Yeshua say, “Love your neighbor as yourself”?

If we don’t love and serve ourselves, how can we love and serve other Selves? How can we even recognize them?

When there’s no other outside of One Self, the whole concept of STO vs. STS turns absurd and obsolete.

The Trap of serving Others over Self

There are many people on this planet (often women) who spend their lives serving others. They care for everyone around and always put themselves last in the row. They’re eternal givers and hardly ever allow themselves to open their inner portal to receiving. They’re the last ones to switch the lights off, and they easily neglect their own needs. Often, taking on responsibility for others is a good excuse for not having to be responsible for ourselves.

It seems like we have billions of hero and helper archetype representatives among us, all serving others. Most of us should already be ascended if a choice for ‘service to others’ was a path to enlightenment.

All starts with Self

From my point of view, accepting, loving and embracing my Self is the one and main task I’ve come to master.

I don’t need to like everything I find when my light of consciousness shines into the dark spots; the only thing required is loving my Self and everything without conditions.

No matter what comes into my field of perception, inside or out, everything is an expression of divine perfection; so who am I to judge it, separate from it and withhold my love?

Ending the Game


Credits to www.geetrish.com

I haven’t come as a lightworker to fight the dark; I’ve never bought into the ages-old war between light masked as STO and dark alias STS. Life isn’t black and white, it comes in 50 shades of gray and more.

In this polar universe, our ‘dark’ brothers (alas STS) are partners in the divine game of ‘god recognizing god’. They represent the mirrors of our own darkness, are cast into the roles of the projection screens for the unconscious unresolved issues we carry and don’t want to look at in ourselves.

We won’t get rid of ‘them’ by fighting them. Even a ‘victory of the light’ and a ‘defeat of the dark’ would only last a few millenia until the polarities shift again.

They are us, and there’s no way out except for in.

We’ll only move beyond this conflict if we’re ready to embrace the darkness within; enlighten it with our consciousness and clear the appearing shadows by expanding the Love That We Are, towards all aspects of ourselves and other Selves. Welcome home whatever we’ve projected out and integrate it inside. As we grow more consciously self-loving, darkness looses it’s grip on our reality.

We have more Alternatives

To me, STO vs. STS both appear to be driven by the separating ego-mind. The first one shows an ego of the negative-deflated polarity, ‘I’m last, I’m of no value’, the second of the positive-inflated one ‘I’m first, I’m super-valuable’.

For an STS-oriented being, STO might be the next step.
People who’ve always served others need to learn valuing and serving themselves.

For those of us who remember having played in both ‘teams’, light and dark, and having walked the spiritual path in a human body for so long, STO vs. STS are illusions and can’t be the only alternatives.

There are more choices available. Many choose to not choose and stay in indifference and apathy. But many are moving towards unity consciousness, which is the end of the game.

In my perception, right now we, as a collective, are moving one step further: our new service is ‘Service to One and All’.

Simple, isn’t it?

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