unwindingI feel like I’m unwinding. The tightly wound clock-like feature of my day to day is dissolving.

There was a lot of talk about time around the end of 2012. I remember the talk about the Mayan Calendar ending and how this would end the experience of time as we knew it to be.

I can say that I did, in fact, notice how time seemed to speed up in those years leading up to 2012. The pace of everything seemed to jettison out of already speedy zone and jump into hyper-speed.

I had the feeling of trying to keep up with this flow of time speeding up. I, myself, seemed to also shift into hyper-mode along with this perception. Many others shared this experience too, there seemed like so much to do and so little time to do it in. It felt like living inside of a pressure cooker.

For me, this played out by filling every possible moment with busy work. I felt some kind of compulsion to take in as much information as I could, and that was a whole lot of information too.

I devoured everything within my range of interest, and even stuff that didn’t interest me as well, just so I’d know something about the global conversation going on at breakneck speeds. This is how I’ve spent the last five years.

Now there’s been a significant shift. I’ve gone from spinning out an entire day in busyness to doing the same amount of productive creating in perhaps 3 to 5 hours. This has occurred for me in the usual ‘hard way’, lol. I don’t change my habits easily, only by finding that I’m blocked from habits will they come to my awareness enough to be reset.

My habits have shifted, and yet, everything necessary gets accomplished. It’s really quite amazing. I’m unwinding, and yet, I’m still able to find enough of me left to tend to those tasks that I truly have devotion for.

My co-workers tell me I look softer. I’d say this is some good news I wasn’t expecting. With this reflection, I notice I feel softer too. Softer, more relaxed, and definitely more balanced. My energy is more present, and I’m far more aware, from moment to moment, whether each moment is inviting me to any given task, with energy pouring in, or, in contrast to this, with energy pouring out and leaving me feeling flat and uninspired.

What an unexpected blessing to notice this! Without the backdrop of hurry-hurry and do-it-all, I can actually perceive my own energetic resonance to each now moment.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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