Unwrapping My Golden Gift

I sit
at the table
in front of the sweet
ever present
unwrapping my gift.
My gift of Gold.

As I open
This present
Before me
I peel a layer
And a beam of Gold
Shines forth

I unwrap the image
I unwrap the seed
I open the petals of the flower
Gold. And more Gold.

The beams of light
Warm and golden
Soft and comforting
Brilliant and expectant
Surprising, with bubbles of joy

Now I Am in the center
Of this gift.
It’s golden presence
Floats all around me.
It is me.
It is my love.
It is who I Am.
And I am feeling.

I wonder for how long I can receive
This joyous wonder
This unexpected gift
Just for me.
Oh, wow.

My mind and my ego
Struggles to find
A gift, of extraordinary value
For me.
Just for me
To enjoy.

A Gift, for me to receive
A Gift, for me to play with.
A Gift, for me to lay down with and do,
A Gift for me to just feel good about,
A Gift for me to Breathe In.
A Gift for me to Breath Out.
A Gift of Just Being.
A Gift, of Gold.

For me to share
(I know I will!)
Out of joy.

And I did not have to do…

And I did not have to…
Pass any tests

And I did not have to…
Work to exhaustion

And I did not have to…
Prove my worth…
because I already Am deserving

And I did not have to…
Expect it in an entitled way…
because I was already worthy

I opened to Love.
I cleared a path for Love to reach me
I cleared the way for me to step forward and receive.
I allowed the gift to come to me.
I accepted that it is mine.
I Know that I Can Receive it, have Fun with it
I know that I will share it, be joyful exploring it

I know that I Can.
I know that I Will.
It wasn’t so hard after all
To receive my Gold
It has always been waiting.
With my name on it.
Just for Me.

For when I was ready
To hold it again
To be it again
To joyously shout,
“this is me”! again
To remember who I Am
To remember my family
To remember my heritage
To Know my divinity
To Be with my Brothers and Sisters

And there is one, for you,
A gift of Gold
Of priceless value.
A Gift just for You,
When you are ready.
To Know
And To Receive.

I Am Magnificent
Archangel Michael said so
He whispered it in my ear.
He spoke to me lovingly
He is my brother.

I Am an Angel.
My heart said so.
It whispered to me
Entreated me
Enticed me
With it’s golden beauty
With it’s sexiness
with it’s warmth
It attracted me
By letting me know
That I Am Loved
That I Am Loved just as I am by my Heart
That I am Loved in every way by my Heart
That I am Beautiful
That my heart passionately has a thing for me.
That my heart views me as precious
And that I Am the golden package.
That I am unwrapping.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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