masteryAs a human being, how does it look to walk in mastery?

Unlike the contemporary storylines about masters in the past, we’re being asked to do this walk while in the midst of great chaos.

Reading of those masters who ditched their outer world and it’s activities in order to find some space of harmony and simplicity to assist them in their quest to find their mastery suggests that this model is helpful in this process.

I know I’ve had my own longings in this direction, as many others have had too. Although, perhaps living in a cave and subsisting on just a daily cup of tea isn’t all that attractive either. Hmmm.

I believe some of us are being called to bring into being an new level of mastery at this time. This is a new form of mastery that asks for the master to be in the world and active in it too. This level of mastery challenges us to walk our talk, and to do it regardless of circumstances.

Isn’t this the measure of true mastery to begin with?

This is all about the mastery of consciousness.

Without the aware, awake ownership of our own consciousness, our thoughts, our feelings, and the monitoring of our shadow expressions too, who thinks there will be any possibility of moving from moment to moment expressing any mastery?

There is no real possibility of any sort of mastery without the firm foundation of personal responsibility. Take a moment to think about this.

I know it sounds like a lot, or even too much to ask. I can hear the groans of ‘Are you kidding??? Who can manage to pay attention to this degree with all the chaos? Who has time or energy for that in the midst of all the worldly craziness? I’m too busy!’

Oh, I feel you! This is the contrast which exists to counter all the ‘good intentions’ lining the proverbial ‘Pathway to Heaven’ of yore. But, let’s break this down a bit and take a peek at what is going on here.

The first thing I note is, regardless of what I do (other than abandoning my life for a mountain top), there’s going to be chaos to distract my attention. This is the aspect that I have no control of. My attention is still mine though. Lamenting the distracting chaos is fine, but less than productive unless I just want to use this to excuse myself from my responsibility to manage my own consciousness.

So, let’s say I’m no longer interested in making excuses and seeking every opportunity to attempt an escape from managing myself and my life with my own sovereign will.

We’re all responsible for ourselves anyway!

Denying this is so is certainly allowed in this realm. The world is chock full of those folks making these sorts of choices all day and night long. I’ve personally spent enough time out of my life doing so that I could write a book on all the cool and tricky variations of denying responsibility one could use.

All choices are honored here, but denial is still a choice and it doesn’t change the nature of this reality. All responsibility for oneself is one’s own. Excuse away, none of them are valid.

Managing my own consciousness and awareness is only possible if I get active with monitoring it all the time. It’s called staying awake. It takes energy and devotion. It takes a commitment.

The only thing that makes this sort of constant commitment possible, in my experience, is to place the highest value on maintaining my personal integrity. All attempts to do this for some sort of payoff or instant gratification are futile, as is trying to fake the way through it because of some measure of spiritual correctness that says I should.

Only the sincere need apply for this part of the mastery tour. And I mean nothing less than complete sincerity too, half-assing it won’t do either. I have to really care and care for the right reasons. The measure of success isn’t a payoff or a trade-off, a swap, or even a badge of honor.

When thinking about the nature of integrity to begin with, this makes sense. The meaning of the word is: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles: and, the state of being whole and undivided.

To be less than wholly sincere is to be divided against one’s self and self-defeating to begin with. So, making peace with my authentic myself is essential. Being really honest about everything is also essential too.

Personal integrity is highly personal and private. It’s not about anyone else. It’s squandered by trying to use it to invade the sovereign space of others. That’s another shadow play that is a common ploy for those who aren’t yet ready to be honestly self-responsible. Trying to fake it while drawing attention to someone else’s business in order to make self look less irresponsible won’t cut it. The call of mastery path has the bar set much higher than this.

Though there’s so much more that could be said about this subject, I think this covers the foundation of what this challenging path before us entails. Without passing these primary requirements, the rest of the master’s tour isn’t available anyway.

The blessings are mighty for all who do. These are blessings that come forth in waves, in direct proportion to the practice of mastering one’s personal integrity and responsibilities for self and to self.

No matter how challenging this master’s walk may be, once firmly on this path, it’s nearly impossible to imagine anything less was ever enough. Because it never was.

Written for Gaia Scenic’s View



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